Fidelco Figure Drawing

Suffield students taking Art I and Advanced Studio Art were recently visited by a four-legged model representing the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation during A and B periods on October 27. Belonging to part-time visual arts teacher Lauren Booth ’12, Chane is a German Shephard and certified ambassador dog for Fidelco as well as a breed dog. A frequent visitor to elementary and intermediate-level summer camps, Chane stopped by Tremaine Arts Center to inspire a unique drawing experience.

Lauren Booth explained, “I wanted to give our students the opportunity to practice figure drawing in a creatively interactive way. Chane is remarkably calm and well-behaved and trained to stay still and quiet, so she makes for a great figure-drawing model. Although unlike a human model, she was excited to soak up all the attention she could get at the end of class when students had the chance to pet her. It was evident she brought a lot of smiles to our masked faces.”

Max Santopietro ’21 (West Hartford, Connecticut) and Biff Tran ’23 (White Plains, New York) are both enrolled in Ms. Booth’s Advanced Studio Art class and commented on their drawings. “I had never worked with a live model until this morning and it was a wonderful experience,” said Max. “At first, getting used to Chane’s movements was difficult, but I ended up discovering that her movement could be incorporated into my drawing. I have so enjoyed the freedom of working on the types of art I am passionate about while strengthening my skills and learning new ones.” Biff added, “I thought the activity was really fun. I’ve never used a live model before so it was new for me. My favorite part about taking art classes at Suffield is the opportunity to work at my own pace and on the things I enjoy. I also like how it’s one of the more relaxing, least stressful classes I have. It takes my mind off of work and helps keep me grounded.”