Remote Learning: Views from the Other Side

Junior Bell contributor Katya Yurkovskaya ’22 recently drafted an article entitled “A Point of View from the Other Side” where she interviews four students participating in Suffield’s remote learning program: Sean Wilson ’24, Stacy Yurkovskaya ’23, Naila Gomez ’22, and Elm Piyasombatkul ’21. She aimed to investigate Suffield’s remote learning program to highlight and share each student’s perspective and unique experiences throughout the fall term.

From New York City, Naila Gomez spent the fall term on campus and enjoyed learning alongside her friends studying remotely in other countries. From Belarus, Stacy Yurkovskaya spent half the fall term at home before arriving on campus mid-October happy to reunite with her friends. From Saudia Arabia, Sean Wilson said he enjoyed how teachers communicate so often using Microsoft Teams and Schoology whenever students have questions or concerns. 

Finally, Elm Piyasombatkul participated in Suffield’s remote learning program from Thailand and noted how grateful he is to all his teachers for making remote learning as convenient and manageable as possible. In conjunction with Katya’s article and to better identify his individual experience while also wanting to provide insight for incoming students, Elm produced a short video entitled, “A Day in My Life,” where he recorded his average day as a remote learning student.

Responding to an inquiry from Suffield’s Department of Marketing & Communications, Elm commented, “I really appreciate how my adviser and teachers are aware of how isolated remote students can sometimes feel and do everything in their power to ensure students remain engaged in class material. The faculty really helped keep me motivated during these tough times, and although remote learning has been a positive experience overall it is the environment inside the classroom that makes the Suffield learning experience so special.”

You may view Katya’s article and Elm’s video here.