SADC Live!

On February 24 and 25, Suffield’s performing arts department showcased their annual dance performance, SADC Live! Sixteen dancers expressed themselves through beautiful and creative movement, with a wide range of styles taking place across the stage.

The co-captains of the dance company were Katya Yurkovskaya ’22 and Paige August ’22. In speaking about the performances Katya said, “They were filled with great energy and positivity. This show was phenomenal and I was grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it. I decided to perform in the dance show because I enjoy the fun challenge of putting on great show from scratch in a span of about two months, and I love how much everyone bonds with each other during this time.” Paige commented that, “It was an overall great experience to get closer with all the other dancers. We developed such strong bonds over the past three months.”

Dancer Chastity Blair ’24 said, “The dance show was an amazing experience to have fun and connect with new people. Learning, choreographing, and performing our dances was so exciting and I can’t wait to do it junior year.”

Dance instructor Ally Rocco said, “Every year these dancers continue to amaze and inspire me. There is such a wide range of style and emotion exhibited by the dancers. They put in a lot of time and worked together in practice to complement everyone’s skill level. Together they created very impressive performances. There truly was a piece everyone could connect with.”