Art Show: Manoush & Nate

From March 1 - April 7, the class of 2022 artist series will showcase artwork from Manoush Pajouh ’22 and Nate Schoen ’22 in the Tremaine Art Center gallery. Their art show reception is on April 1 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm in the Lee Roberts Gallery.

Manoush’s favorite visual arts class at Suffield has been photography. Not only is she a photography TA, she has done four seasons of art special over her high school career. She also runs two clubs on campus: editorial club and a fashion and design magazine club. In her artist statement, Manoush says, “Over years of experimenting with various mediums, despite shifts in artistic styles, a multitude of characteristics are reflected through my art. Unmistakable aspects of my identity push themselves through my creative bursts and always subconsciously become the focal point of my art. I created the skeleton series which highlights my issues with mental health. My collage series emphasizes novels that had an impact on my character. My film series illustrates the daily and common beauty of day to day life, the things that keep me going. These qualities and aspects highlighted have allowed me to grow into who I am and taught me what it means to become a person with a life worth living.”

Like Manoush, Nate is also passionate about photography, which turns out to be somewhat of a family affair: he uses the same old film Nikon camera that both his grandfather and aunt previously used. Though he tried graphic design for a few months, he quickly realized his passion was in taking pictures and he cannot wait to attend New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts next year for photography. His biggest artistic inspiration comes from Annie Leibovitz, for her amazing style and design. In his artist statement, Nate says, “After coming from a school where you did not have any choice in what art you did, or how much you got to practice it, I was so excited to come to a new school and begin taking photography. Although I had never even picked up a film camera, once I did I knew there was no going back. Even though I do not explicitly do film, it is a really important part of my art career. Freshman year I got my first introduction into studio portraiture, and I fell in love with this style of photography. I have been lucky enough to be able to experiment with this, and the images I have on display are a reflection of this, an extension of my artistic observations. I have some portraits that I took that I truly feel capture the emotions I had been feeling at the time: the feeling of being trapped during COVID times, and the almost ditsy, dreamy feeling of the photos based on the story of Adam and Eve. The other three pictures I have were taken this school year in New York City. Although landscape photography has not been something I focused on in the past, I feel as though these pictures were a way for me to expand my horizon in this process.”


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