Oscar, Kareem, & John Art

A reception and show featuring the works of senior artists Oscar Ceria (ceramics), Kareem Moumina (painting), and John Zhang (mixed media) was held in Tremaine Art Center on January 30. 

From New York, New York, Oscar Ceria created a series of ceramic pieces he designed for audience interaction. “As a boy who liked to build things, I would turn to Legos or Tinker Toys whenever I had a chance,” he explains. “When I struggled to read and write, I was always able to find an outlet in building. These hand-built and 3D-printed tiles allow my audience to activate their creative juices when making their own designs in any way possibly imaginable.” 

Inspired by the famous works of sculptors César Baldaccini and Julio Lafuente, Kareem Moumina is a native of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, who was introduced to art at a very young age. “I enjoy being creative in my work and sharing my intuitions on certain characteristics” he says. “I like using shiny colors to create an abstract form of my imagination. My paintings recall moments I pictured in my dreams. Working in the field of art requires one to enjoy the processes of mindfulness and action. You must allow the brush to create and design its own art while not forcing it to be sensational.”

“I see my artwork as a container for my feelings and dreams,” says John Zhang from Jiangxi Province, China. “Sometimes inspiration dives deeply inside your heart and it can be difficult to describe or put the emotion or feelings into words. So instead I use my pencils and brushes to capture my thoughts on paper and canvas. I want viewers to feel what I feel when looking at my artwork, but more importantly I want to inspire them to understand their own lives better.”