Art Show: Angela & Annie

A reception and show featuring the works of senior artists Angela Su (mixed media) and Annie Daramola (ceramics) was held in Tremaine Art Center on March 2.

Angela Su is originally from Wuhan, China, but is now a resident of Vancouver, Canada. She notes, “As an artist my interest is divided among many aspects of life. Everyday objects, people, and various views are the most common subjects of my work. When creating pieces, I prefer to play with colors using pencil crayons, acrylic or oil paints, oil pastel, and chalk. I believe the audience can explore their feelings towards my work through my specific use of color.”

From Bronx, New York, Annie Daramola has been working with ceramics since her sophomore year and states, “I love throwing pretty much anything but vase-like structures are my favorite. Making things out of clay is an escape. I plan on continuing with ceramics in college, and although it won’t be my major a good art and ceramic studio will make or break my college selection.”