Senior Speakers

Senior Speakers

The 2023-2024 senior speaker series continued at chapel on February 19. It featured eight members of the Class of 2024: 

Reeghan McCarthy, a four-year senior from Andover, Connecticut cherishes being on Suffield's softball team. "When it comes to Suffield Academy sports, I would have to say that softball is my favorite. The Suffield Academy softball team is incredibly welcoming. Our coach, Mr. Booth is the most thoughtful, kind, and caring person I have ever met." Reeghan shared the impact Mr. Booth has on her and her teammates and the ways in which he's made her time at Suffield special. 

Jack Caron, a four-year senior from Suffield, Connecticut wears four bracelets on his wrist—each serves as a reminder of the values that guide his life. The bracelets represent dedication, courage, faith, and gratitude. "These bracelets remind me to stay true to my goals, trust in a higher power, and acknowledge the countless blessings that I've received. As we navigate life, let us all find our own symbols of faith, dedication, and gratitude."

Jaron Kline, a postgraduate from Westport, Connecticut feels like he has been at Suffield for more than just a year. "Suffield has become a second home and I am proud to say that I've enjoyed my time here. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity I've been given by both the school and my parents to further my education and grow as a person during this extra year." 

Noel Rivera, a three-year senior from West Hempstead, New York reflected on each roommate he's had while at Suffield. Although he was a bit unsure at first, his sophomore and junior year roommates proved to be very successful pairings. Now as a senior, he lives in a coveted triple in Fuller Hall. "Although the year is not over yet, I cherish every moment I have with my roommates because it isn't long before the day I leave the dorm for the very last time."

Tanyon Weber, a postgraduate from West Hartland, Connecticut was injured in August of 2022 during a baseball showcase on Staten Island. Following the accident, Tanyon struggled with pain, anxiety, stress, and surgery. His brother Wyatt consistently had his back, even on his worse days. “Until I took the time to prepare this speech, I realized that I never thanked my brother for being there. I want him to be proud of me, just as much as I am proud of him. I hope we can all find an opportunity in our busy lives to thank one another who have helped us along the way.”

Jacob Wirth, a postgraduate from Avon, Connecticut is grateful for the ways in which members of the Suffield community welcomed him this year—particularly his friends in Fuller Hall, Mr. Brissette, and Mr. Zwirko. He shared his appreciation for his parents who made it possible for him to attend Suffield and thanked his Dad "for showing me the most important lesson anyone has ever taught me which is that nothing comes easy and you must work hard for everything in life."

Carlos Perez-Eder, a three-year senior from Cali, Colombia lived in Greenwich, Connecticut for thirteen years before moving to Colombia. The transition was difficult until he realized he needed to put himself out there to make the most of the experience. "Learning this allowed me to make the most out of other experiences like coming to Suffield. I knew I needed to get outside of my comfort zone to make my time at Suffield memorable. Because of doing this I have been able to make lifelong friends and create some of my greatest memories."

Cristiano Marta, a two-year senior from Ludlow, Massachusetts left a familiar setting to enhance his high school experience. "It was easy to see that Suffield had so much to offer. The campus was incredible and the soccer facilities were great. As I am coming to the end of my time here, I am even more certain than ever that I made the best decision to come to a school like Suffield.

The senior speaker series is a valuable Suffield Academy tradition and capstone part of the Leadership Program. It is a weekly highlight in our community.

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