Senior Speakers – April 2

The senior speaker series continued on April 2 and featured seven members of the Class of 2021: Neil Budge, Carly Litt, Elm Piyasombatkul, Jangmin Song, Sydney Wolff, Henry Lee, and Nick Kannenberg.

From Smith’s Parish, Bermuda, Neil Budge spoke about the importance of communication: “When reaching out for help, I realized that I wasn't alone in my struggle and that the same people I had been hiding from were steadfastly by my side helping me to get through each and every day. Nobody should have to feel like they are dealing with their struggles alone, particularly at Suffield where we have one of the closest most supportive communities one could ever ask for.”

Carly Litt is from Greenwich, Connecticut and has a passion for charity, fashion, and business. When attending a Macroeconomics class at NYU, she formed a valuable relationship with a mentor, entrepreneur, and businesswoman. Carly explained, “That summer as I studied Econ and learned more about the business side of retail my hopes to follow my dream career path became so much more realistic.”

Elm Piyasombatkul entered Suffield Academy four years ago as a timid 14-year-old boy from Nonthaburi, Thailand. Elm recounted his journey and distanced traveled: “Suffield Academy is a special place that brings people together, allows us to succeed in our own worlds, and pulls out the best of us. Here I realized that I have a place to stand in this world. I’ve met a lot of people and made lifelong friends. But most importantly, Suffield is the place I now call home.”

From Tokyo, Japan, Jangmin Song has a deep respect for his family and experience at Suffield. He noted, “My grandfather taught me the importance of studying, and without my family I would have never come here to Suffield. I am thankful they gave me an opportunity to be more confident, grow as a person, and meet people from all over the world.”  

From Pound Ridge, New York, Sydney Wolff shared what she learned from the process of making dumplings during the COVID-19 lockdown: “Cooking taught me the importance of preparation in ensuring my desired outcome, decisiveness to delegate maximize efficiency, and confidence to trust my gut when faced with challenges. I now approach collaboration and problem solving with a newfound positive attitude and an open mind, relishing the challenges that life presents.”

Henry Lee is from Seoul, South Korea and has great admiration for his grandmother and her home-cooked food, specifically his favorite meal called Kalbi: “Your hands are full of your effort and love for me. It is, without a doubt, both the wonderful Korean dishes and the grandmother who made it that I love the most.” 

Finally, from Suffield, Connecticut, Nick Kannenberg is an analytical thinker who is passionate about computer science and art. He explained, “Programming, and more specifically game design, is a process that is both analytical and abstract. Coding enables me to create art without having any real artistic skill where I can make endless mistakes without any restriction on time or size or material.”

The series will resume on April 9. You may view all chapel talks here.