Senior Speakers

Senior Speakers

The 2023-2024 senior speaker series continued at chapel on February 12. It featured seven members of the Class of 2024: 

Jessie Desnoes, a four-year senior from Kingston, Jamaica and Isabelle Spencer, a four-year senior from Fairfield, Connecticut are grateful that Suffield Academy brought them together. They have remained close friends since they arrived on campus in the fall of 2020 and now are in the final chapter of their Suffield journey. "For many of us, high school has brought a variety of new experiences—whether it be trying a new sport, reaching out to new people, or enrolling in a challenging class. High school has been a montage of challenges, wins, and making friendships that are built to last."

Hannah Ashley, a two-year senior from Los Altos, California reflected on the profound relationship she has with her family and faculty members—particularly her stepdad, younger brother, Ms. Lopez, and Mr. Zwirko. She is appreciative of her stepfather's selflessness, inspired by his work ethic, and grateful for his dedication to family. Ms. Lopez and Mr. Zwirko have been her constant support system on campus and both have helped her grow as a student and person. "I am fortunate to have loving and supportive family, friends, and special teachers who have guided and inspired me throughout high school. They have all shaped me into a stronger and more mature person."

Shea Braceland, a three-year senior from Westfield, Massachusetts emphasized the significant impact her older brother Blake has on her. "He has taught me more than he knows and I have always looked up to him. His quick-witted jokes, funny dance moves in the kitchen, and brutally honest advice will always be something I know I can turn to him for."

Ava Miller, a three-year senior from San Francisco, California shared she has a fraternal twin sister. "To have a twin is to know an intimacy unlike anything else—a bond stemming from shared laughter, tears, and the unique life of growing up side by side." Coming to Suffield Academy was the first time Ava would be away from her since they were born. "But that is where Suffield came in. The Suffield community filled all the gaps when my sister was no longer there." 

Gianna Strange, a four-year senior from Westfield, Massachusetts has kept an ongoing list of chapel speech ideas since her freshman year. "With many fun ideas to choose from, it quickly became obvious to me that I would like to talk about the most important thing to me—my family." Gianna spoke about the close relationship she has with her dogs, younger sister, older brother, and parents. "I am forever grateful because you have shaped me into the athlete I am today and now I am able to live out my life-long dream of playing college basketball and I really couldn't thank you enough."

Norah Wright, a four-year senior from Ellington, Connecticut reflected on memorable moments on campus from laughing uncontrollably with good friends to sledding on Bell Hill to star gazing on Shay Field. These moments have created core memories that she'll always remember. "The ability to maintain a balance between my academics and athletics—while cherishing the most precious moments with my friends—has been the best lesson that I have learned at Suffield. I encourage all of you to find the balance which will allow you to enjoy every opportunity Suffield has to offer."

The senior speaker series is a valuable Suffield Academy tradition and capstone part of the Leadership Program. It is a weekly highlight in our community.

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