Sophomore Rafting Trip

Suffield's traditional leadership/whitewater rafting trip took place this past Sunday, October 3.

The Class of 2024 went to Crab Apple Whitewater on the Deerfield River to enjoy the rapids and some great class bonding.

Madi Seivright ’24 said, “The rafting trip was a great experience. Although it was something I was hesitant about at first, it really pushed me to try something new that was out of my comfort zone. It also gave me an opportunity to bond and work as a team with classmates I hadn’t met.“

Nora Boino ’24 said, “I genuinely enjoyed the rafting trip. It was an exciting way to bond with my peers and a great way to get to know people outside of my friend group. It was fun to get outside, get wet, and have an out-of-classroom, hands-on experience with beautiful scenery! The highlights of the trip would have to be the most intense rapids and the bus ride up to the river. Overall, I had a wonderful time and would suggest it to the future classes who are given the opportunity to go.”

Jessica Xiao ’24 said, “The whole trip was amazing--we got the best instructor, who was also a student from Suffield, Zach Mooney ’17. This is a great chance to meet different people--we were not just paddling the whole trip, we were also chatting and sharing our story with our new friends.”

Chastity Blair ’24 said, “The rafting trip was an amazing experience. I knew all 5 of the other people on my boat, but we still got to bond and have fun together. My favorite part was when I won the boat balancing contest, 3-0, even against my algebra teacher, Mr. Carroll. Another thrilling part was when I thought we were going to hit a big rock on the biggest rapid, but then our guide Zach just swerved us all around it. I'm still talking about how I want to go back this school year!"

MN Mayalarp ’24 said. “This trip was my first experience with whitewater rafting. There was a lot less paddling than I had expected and during the downtime, we talked about a lot of things on the raft. I didn't know anyone on my raft so it was a very good opportunity for me to make more friends. The scenery was beautiful and the time spent on the water was enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed the water fight, the games we played on the raft, and paddling through the rapids. I was exhausted after the trip but had a lot of fun. It's a great way to spend your weekend, everyone should try it at least once in their lives.”

Dominic Balise ’24 said, “Although it was rainy and cloudy, the rafting trip was still such an exciting experience! I learned how to whitewater raft, something I never thought I would have the opportunity to learn, and it also strengthened my leadership training. Because I had to work equally with others to continue to keep the raft sailing, I got practice with listening to the leader and being a follower. Oftentimes, “follower” has a negative connotation, but it takes a good leader to know that following is an essential part of being a successful leader. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the rafting trip not only because I was able to hang out with my friends outside all day, but also because I got leadership training.”

Thank you to Jenn and Frank Mooney P’17 and Zach for guiding us on the river. Overall, it was a great success and another fun tradition shared with the next generation of Tigers!