A Performance by AVTS

A Performance by AVTS

Students enrolled in Advanced Vocal Techniques & Staging (AVTS) combined for a remote performance presented virtually to the extended Suffield community on April 13. Recorded individually within their homes, the resulting three-minute video showcased the unique talents of this inspired group.

Led by Performing Arts Chair Tom Dugan and vocal instructor Chelsea Kane ’09, the performance entitled “Suffield Stronger” was driven by the now very relevant words of renowned American composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim who affirms, “Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos.”

When first brainstorming ideas on distance learning, Tom and Chelsea both aimed to provide their students with an outlet to perform. “We sent them the music and backing track and they had about a week to learn it before submitting their video,” explains Tom Dugan. “I then ran all the individual tracks through a program to join them as one collaborative effort. While initially hesitant about the project, they all loved the finished product and sounded great. We are now looking to utilize a new online resource called SmartMusic that should help our students further develop and grow as vocalists.”

AVTS can be taken for the full year or term by term and provides the Suffield community with three annual performances. As an advanced course in music performance and theatrical staging AVTS serves as part vocal master class and part theater studies. Students practice proper vocal health and study the physical mechanism of singing. Members of AVTS promote the understanding of song and the interpretation needed in bringing music to life on stage.

You may view the performance of “Suffield Stronger” here.