Chat with Dr. Akoumany

Suffield Academy welcomed Dr. Stephanie Akoumany for a Professional Development Fireside Chat in Cone Lounge on February 12 and a Sister Sister Wellness Retreat for female students of color in Memorial Building on February 13. Her fireside, collaborative workshop entitled “Making the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Students of Color a Priority” and wellness retreat entitled “Mindfulness Strategies to Help Girls of Color Thrive” centered on diversity and inclusion within the Suffield community.

Born and raised in Southwest Baltimore City, Dr. Akoumany is the founder and CEO of Bloom, a company that curates leadership (personal development), wellness (social emotional learning, fitness, healthy eating), and community building (diversity, equity, and inclusion) programs for individuals, families, schools, nonprofits, and businesses.

She has nearly a decade of experience helping students, educators, and parents gain life, leadership, mindfulness, wellness, diversity, equity, inclusion, and conflict resolution skills in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Bloom uses the latest insights from public health, psychology, and neuroscience to create engaging media, tech, curriculum, workshops, conferences, and events that help humans bloom into their best selves.

Bloom helps individuals, families, schools, nonprofits, and businesses plant seeds of mindfulness, play, productivity, empathy, and inclusivity in their everyday lives to create roadmaps for holistic success. Bloom honors the idea that happy, healthy, and empowered people can change the world.

Dr. Akoumany earned her Ph.D. in American Studies at University of Maryland College Park in May 2018 and is a proud Baltimore City Public Schools, B.E.S.T., and Bryn Mawr School alumna. You can find her May 2019 article about the 2019 Bloom Wellness Summit and how schools can make girls’ and their teachers’ wellness a priority on Johns Hopkins Center for Adolescent Health’s Blog.