SuffieldConnect: Juan Arreaza ’06

Suffield’s Offices of Alumni Development and College Counseling hosted the year’s first college-to-career virtual discussion on September 23. The program invites Suffield alums to speak with interested students about their careers, college major choices, and experiences at Suffield. As part of the junior Leadership curriculum, students are asked to attend three out of eight sessions offered per academic year. The goal of the events is to expose current students to life beyond Suffield and provide guidance from alumni professionals working in specific fields.

Juan Arreaza ’06 graduated from The George Washington University with Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and then he went on to earn his J.D from the University of Maryland. He now serves as Associate General Counsel at JLG Industries. 

When it comes to considering where to go to college, Juan acknowledged that it might take time to find the best fit, but advised, “As you’re thinking through your options, just see what makes sense...what are your interests? What sort of environment do you need, do you want? But also be a little bit flexible and give yourself time the first year to really create those friendships and give the school a shot.” He also gave advice on how to best prepare for college (and in his case, for law school): “Find what you're passionate about, get good grades, and then study your butt off.”

Juniors preparing for the college application process are heavily supported by their college counselors and alumni mentors. While it is an extremely important decision in their adolescent lives, the mentoring sessions provide insight into many unanswered questions. It is made very clear that communication is a key to success and that there is more than one way to accomplish a rewarding future.