Suffield’s Fall Play: "Clybourne Park"

Suffield’s stage will raise its curtain to a livestreamed performance of Clybourne Park directed by Performing Arts Chair Tom Dugan on Friday, November 13 at 8pm.

Written by Bruce Norris, Clybourne Park explodes in two outrageous acts set 50 years apart. Act One takes place in 1959 as white community leaders anxiously try to stop the sale of a home to a black family. Act Two is set in the same house in the present day as the now predominantly African-American neighborhood battles to hold its ground and face of gentrification.

Starring in the show are cast members Tyler Cooper '22, Max Santopietro '21, Brighie Hogan '23, Lauren Burton '22, Naila Gómez '21, Ella Slate '24, Nora Slate '21, Quinn Welliver '21, Griffin Santopietro '24, and Eli Wiener '22 with support from crew members Aurora Prescott '22, Brendan Mastella '23, Miles Henle '21, Fedor Vlasov '22, Katya Yurkovskaya '22, Stacy Yurkovskaya '23, Dominic Balise '24, and Reece Apgar '21. We hope you enjoy their powerful performance. You may view the Clybourne Park trailer here.

Note: Due to strong language contained in the play, viewer discretion is advised.