New Faculty Member Profiles

We are pleased to welcome twelve new faculty members to Suffield Academy this year. The following profiles offer a brief introduction.

PJ Andrews joins Suffield’s Admissions Office. He will also be a Spencer Hall dorm parent and a track and field coach. PJ graduated with both his Bachelor of Science and his MBA from Springfield College.

Florry Arnold joins the History Department. She will also help with Suffield’s soccer and aquatics programs and be a dorm associate. Florry earned her bachelor’s degree in history and theater from Muhlenberg College.

Colin Dowd ’12 joins the Development Office and will also help coach the alpine ski team. Colin graduated from Suffield in 2012 and received his bachelor’s degree in economics from St. Lawrence University.

Samantha Evans joins the Science Department. Sam has a Master of Arts in Teaching from Clarkson University and a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from Lafayette College. Sam will coach crew and be a dorm parent in Hornick.

Matthew Grohowski joins the Languages Department and will teach French. Matthew was a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at Vanderbilt from 2016 to 2018. He subsequently held a series of research fellowships in America and Germany, and was an adjunct lecturer at the University of California/Riverside. In addition to teaching, Matt will be a dorm associate and help coach track and swimming.

Josh Hillman ’14 joins the History Department and will be the Director of Suffield Outdoor Leadership Opportunities [SOLO]. Josh graduated from Suffield in 2014 and went on to get his bachelor’s degree in communications from Springfield College. He will also be a dorm parent in Fuller Hall.

Kathleen McNary Pillsbury returns to Suffield in the positions of Assistant Dean of Students, Director of Online Learning, and math faculty member. She taught at Suffield’s Summer Academy for six years. Kathleen received her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from the University of Connecticut and her Master of Education in School Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania. She will be a dorm parent in Roe.

Chris Setian ’09 joins the Academic Support office, will be dormitory head in Fuller Hall, and will coach football. Chris will also lead Suffield’s strength and conditioning program. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree in pedagogy from the University of New Hampshire and has coached at Yale, Brown, and New Hampshire. 

Max Toczydlowski ’17 joins our History Department. He majored in American Politics and Government at Trinity College. He will be living off campus but supporting our afternoon and residential life programs.

Haiyu Wang joins the Science Department as a chemistry teacher and will be the dorm head in Brewster Hall. Wang attained his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from Southeast Missouri State.

Kevin Warnock joins Suffield as the Assistant Academic Dean and will be the head coach for the boys’ varsity lacrosse team. He will also be a dorm parent in Rockwell Hall. Kevin earned his bachelor’s degree in American Studies at Springfield College and is working towards completing his master’s degree at Manhattanville College. 

David Webb joins the Math Department, will be a dorm parent in Tompkins, and will help coach football. After graduating high school as the valedictorian, he earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Berry College, his master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and his PhD in Mathematics from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.