Suffield’s Winter Term Resumes

Suffield Academy’s winter trimester resumed with remote programming on January 11, the repopulation of campus on January 15, and in-person classes beginning on January 28. Faculty and staff were eager to welcome their Tigers back to campus for many creative and engaging ways to deliver a wonderfully exciting term.

Suffield is pleased to announce several on-campus upgrades including but not limited to enhanced snack and food stations in each dorm, evening study hall deliveries courtesy of the school’s dining services, daily pick-ups from local franchises such as Target, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, CVS, and nearby Highland Park Market, in addition to morning, afternoon, and weekend extracurricular activities utilizing the school’s arts and fitness centers and SOLO and Balance Barns.

Poised to deliver many safe opportunities for vitally needed physical activity extending to both athletics and residential life, Suffield steadfastly believes the soul and resilience of its tight-knit community will only help to ensure each student’s trajectory remains headed in a positive and prosperous direction. Both faculty and staff remain fully committed to fostering a vibrant and safe learning environment throughout the months ahead.

Welcome back, Tigers!