Swept Away by Broomball

It is a variation of ice hockey played without skates and with brooms and a ball instead of sticks and a puck. Although its exact origin is difficult to trace, the first recorded broomball games in North America took place in Perdue, Saskatchewan on March 5, 1909. From there the sport spread south to the US becoming especially popular in Minnesota, where by the 1960s a community of broomballers was thriving.

Played on the school’s outdoor ice rink this February, eight teams of Tigers faced off in Suffield Academy’s Inaugural Broomball Tournament. Although prizes were awarded to the top three teams, only one true champion would rise to victory. Led by coach Charlie Cahn and senior captain Andrew Gingold, team #1 Seed clawed their way past team $500Boyz in the finals to claim the Academy’s first-ever Broomball Cup. Commenting on their win and on behalf of fellow seniors and team champions Aiden Attianese, Tom Dowd, Will Schmitz, Michael and Stephen Greco, Jangmin Song, Joe Rusnock, Nicole Boutry, and Bruce Zhang, captain Gingold noted, “I couldn’t be prouder of this team or happier about our win. We left it out there on the ice and earned this title. I consider this victory a remarkable achievement, and it’s certainly an honor to be the holders of Suffield’s first-ever Broomball Cup. It’s a great memory.”