Underclass Prize Day

Underclass Prize Day

Suffield Academy held underclass prize day in Tisch Field House during the chapel period on September 12. This annual event recognizes achievements from the previous school year across academic departments. Some college book prizes and awards for school-wide achievements and commitment to community service are presented. Watch video and View photos from the event. See the list of award winners below.


Freshman Most Improved English Prize
Sariah Shawwaf | Austin Rappaport
Honorable Mention: Isabel Rodriguez, Reagan Silva

Freshman Excellence English Prize
Sydney Drinan | Claire Mastella | Abigail Quinby | Natalie Tehrany
Honorable Mention: Vyom Tiwari

Sophomore honors English Prize
Ella Slate
Honorable Mention: Chastity Blair, Anna [Ania] McMichael, Sean Wilson

Sophomore English Prize
Daniela Farrell
Honorable Mention: Zhuo [Jerry] Chen, Nadja Meite

Junior English Prize
Chidinma Esielem | Bi [Sophia] Kim

Brown University Book Award
Juana Maria Diez Londoño
Honorable Mention: Nathaniel Morrin


Freshman Math Prize
Zoey Bujak | Sydney Drinan | Alijah Sanford
Honorable Mention: Meghan Drury, Ashlee [Sage] Hodgkins

Freshman Advanced Math Prize
Abigail Quinby
Honorable Mention: Kristian Yan

Sophomore Math Prize
Meiyi Chen | Carson Gall | Bridget Hausler
Honorable Mention: Matthew Sherman

Sophomore Advanced Math Prize
Jacob Carroll | Hanseo Lim | Norah Wright
Honorable Mention: Joseph Giugliano, Dongju [Alan] Kim

Junior Math Prize
Kira McCreesh | Ryan Piela | Cambell Rosow | Mia Rubenstein
Honorable Mention: Michelle St. Jacques

Junior Advanced Math Prize
Bi [Sophia] Kim | Nathaniel Morrin | Xingjian [James] Ren
Honorable Mention: Siye [Julia] Bao


Physics Prize
Abigail Quinby

Chemistry Prize
Dongju [Alan] Kim | Nicholas Prescott

Biology Prize
Kathryn Akers

Bausch & Lomb Science Award
Michelle St. Jacques

Rensselaer Mathematics & Science Medal
Xingjian [James] Ren


Chinese Prize
Thaveelarp [MN] Mayalarp
Honorable Mention: Hanseo Lim

Advanced Chinese Prize
Chidinma Esielem | Bi [Sophia] Kim | Anastasiya [Stacy] Yurkovskaya
Honorable Mention: Young-hyuk [William] Kim, Brandon Park

French Prize
Dominic Balise | Ella Slate
Honorable Mention: Chastity Blair

Advanced French Prize
Helena Ladah
Honorable Mention: Saud Shawwaf

Spanish Prize
Abigail Quinby | Sean Wilson
Honorable Mention: Nicholas Llanos

Advanced Spanish Prize
Kira McCreesh | Nathaniel Morrin
Honorable Mention: Vy Anh [Biff] Tran


Freshman History Prize
Vyom Tiwari
Honorable Mention: Kaitlyn Caron, Kristian Yan

Sophomore U.S. History Prize
Katherine Pieper
Honorable Mention: Franklin [Noel] Rivera , Alexandria [Allie] Zeytoonjian

Sophomore Honors U.S. History Prize
Carson Gall
Honorable Mention: Maeve Curtin

Junior Regional Studies Prizes
African Studies Prize

Nathaniel Morrin
Honorable Mention: Hope Clark, Chidinma Esielem

Asian Studies: India, China, Japan Prize
Xinghan [Damon] Li
Honorable Mention: Mia Rubenstein

European Studies PRIZE
Kira McCreesh
Honorable Mention: Emilia Boino, Alex Cremins

Latin American Studies Prize
Juana Maria Diez Londoño
Honorable Mention: Morgan Geisinger

Gettysburg Book Prize
Chastity Blair

WALKS Nelson A. Pomeroy Prize
Sean Wilson
Honorable Mention: Dominic Balise

Performing Arts

Vocal Prize
Shea Braceland

Instrumental Prize
Andrew Mack [Jazz] | Kellen Booth [Classical]

Theater Prize
Sophie Lawry | Isabel Rodriguez

Visual Arts

Photography Prize
Eleanor Frisbie

Ceramics Prize
Saud Shawwaf

Studio Art Prize
Hugo Hardwick

Book Prizes

Williams Book Prize
Nathaniel Morrin

Harvard Book Prize
Chidinma Esielem | Bi [Sophia] Kim

Yale Book Prize
Hope Clark

Smith Book Prize
Kathryn Akers

Amherst Book Prize
Anastasiya [Stacy] Yurkovskaya

Trinity Book Prize
Jayson Mack

Mt. Holyoke Book Prize
Chastity Blair

WALKS Service Prize
Anthony [Peter] Cieszko III

Fichtenholtz Prize
Bi [Sophia] Kim

Torch Society Prize
Emilia Boino | Zeyang [Tony] Luo | Ken Pardo | Tyler Wolkoff