#USvsHate Project

This year Suffield students enrolled in sophomore leadership classes participated in several projects centered on the topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

#USvsHate (“us versus hate”) is an educator and youth led public messaging project designed to teach tolerance and counter bigotry in schools. Its intention is to unite communities against hate by catalyzing ongoing learning and action. In #USvsHate, students are invited to create public anti-hate messages in any media for their school communities. The entries are then gathered by educators and submitted through the organization’s website. The resulting messages collected insist that all people are equally valuable.

The goals of #USvsHate are to:
  • shape school/classroom climate to emphasize safety and inclusion for all;
  • help students fully know, value, and respect the people with whom they share a community;
  • encourage students to take action against hate, bias, and injustice;
  • equip educators with dialogue tools and curricular resources;
  • provide student voices a nationwide audience;
  • facilitate networking between educators.

#USvsHate is national challenge embracing inclusion and justice for all in our diverse schools and society. This work is significantly important today and youth voices can lead the way. #USvsHate maintains every school community can help spread the message that all community members are part of “US.”