Live in Living Color

Live in Living Color

On February 23 and 24, Suffield’s performing arts department presented their annual dance show, “Live in Living Color,” to the community. Twenty-eight dancers participated in the production, showcasing tap, Broadway jazz, ballet, composition, hip-hop, and modern performances.

Olivia Dufresne-Achatz ’23 said, “With this year being my first with SADC, I was very fortunate to be a part of the group of dancers and join them on stage. Preparing for the show was both intense and so fun; everyone put their all into every practice to make the dances look as clean and sharp as they did. The choreographers were amazing throughout the process and were the reason that this was all possible, and I know I can speak for the whole group when I say that we are all so grateful for everything they did throughout the season. This experience brought me friendships that I don’t think I would’ve made otherwise and brought me much closer to those I already had. The team bonded so well; together we made the choreography come to life and performed our best. For the show itself, we all had a ton of fun performing with each other and even found joy in the little moments backstage.” 

Sophie Winikur ’24 said, “This was my second time participating in the dance show [I missed my first year due to COVID]. Performing arts, but dance especially, is a place where everyone can express who they are with absolutely zero judgement. The people really make the team. We spent two hours together six days a week and somehow it was still not enough. This whole process and show would not have been possible without the determination and help from the amazing choreographers. They were very patient with us but also pushed us to be the best we could be in our group and individual dances. Once the week of the dance show creeped up you could feel the energy skyrocket as soon as everyone came into the Performing Arts Center. What is so motivating to do well is having the energy of your peers backstage cheering you on. The friendships that come from dance are truly unmatched because everyone lets loose, and you can see everyone for who they are and have fun dancing with people who have the same passion.”

Ava Jacobson ’25 said, “As a sophomore, this was my second year participating in the Suffield Academy dance showcase. Although the winter season is short, the dance show gave me the opportunity to branch out to make new teammates, friends, and bonds that I cherish. I was able to find others in my community that share a passion for dance as much as I do. The dance show is very special to me because it allows me to express myself with no judgment, channel a creative side, and build supportive connections with my peers and the choreographers. Growing up dancing, the Suffield Academy dance show is a great addition to my experiences and I am so excited to continue dancing with the company in the future.”

Luna Kwon ’23 said, “The Dance Show was my first main stage performance as a performer—last year I was stage managing for it. Being on stage rather than staying in the wings gave me a whole new perspective. I never knew how blindingly bright the stage lights were! Dancing is such a unique mode to express myself and it opened for me a new way of perceiving music. I had so much fun preparing for it, and I am so glad I decided to join dance this year.”

Kennedy Morris ’23, who was involved in the show through AVTS this year, said, “After getting to watch the dress rehearsal on Wednesday, I realized how much I missed dance. I had so much fun both onstage and in the wings cheering everyone on, and I'm glad I got to be a part of the show!”