Drew Gamere ’93

Drew graduated from Brookline High School [Massachusetts] and from Suffield Academy as a postgraduate in 1993. During that time, he played football, basketball, and lacrosse and helped the football and basketball teams win New England Championships. Drew matriculated to Ohio Wesleyan where he played football and basketball and earned all-conference recognition in football while serving as captain his senior year.

After graduating, Drew spent four years coaching football at Ohio Wesleyan and Harvard University. He then worked as a counselor and coach at Brookline High School. Drew has been a member of the Suffield faculty since 2006 and is the Co-Director of Athletics, a teacher in the Leadership Program, and the head varsity football coach. 

Where were you born?
Boston, Massachusetts.

What do you love about where you are from?
City living, great friends, and the diverse community.

If someone was traveling to where you are from for 24 hours, what would you recommend? What would you tell them to do/ where would you tell them to go?
Sox Game, hop on the T to downtown Boston, eat at the Golden Temple (best Chinese food), stop by JFK’s birthplace.

What do you love about where you live now?
Great community on a beautiful campus.

What is your favorite thing about day to day life at Suffield Academy?
Interacting with our students on campus, in the classroom, or on the athletic fields.

What is the first thing you do every morning when you get to work?
Drink my ice coffee!

Who is your favorite artist?
Denzel Washington.

Who do you live on campus with?
My family - wife Sarah ’02 and three sons (Caysen, Kyler, and Kolby).

How do you think your pet would describe you?

Which of your roles at Suffield Academy do you relish the most?
Tough call - the balance is what makes our work special. I love teaching, coaching, and interacting with all in the community.

What is the favorite thing in your closet?
Tiger Gear/Tie. 

What is something you believe one can never over-invest in?

What is/are your prized possession(s)?
Old team photos/memorabilia.

If you could have dinner with one person, alive or dead, who would you dine with?
My wife Sarah - date night is the best!

If you could ask anyone for advice, who would you ask?
My brothers - one older, one twin!

What is your favorite movie?
Good Will Hunting

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Hawaii - everyone says it is great. Need to learn how to surf!

What is your favorite food?
Thai food or a good steak.