Jazzy Salehi ’12

Jazzy is a native of Massachusetts and cum laude graduate of Mount Holyoke College where she earned a Master of Arts in Teaching. She is a proud alumna of Suffield’s Class of 2012 and honorary member of the school’s Torch Society.

Jazzy returned to campus in 2017 when appointed Assistant Director of Admissions. She has traveled to Guaimaca, Honduras, for service work several times to provide aid in a medical clinic as well as to tutor and mentor students in English. Her passion for education and teaching began several years ago during her first experience at Suffield’s Summer Academy while serving as a teacher’s assistant and teacher. Apart from her daily doses of tea and chocolate, Jazzy enjoys traveling and baking. She is the advisor to the yearbook, co-advisor to the Class of 2022, and is a dorm head.

Where were you born?
Springfield, Massachusetts and grew up in Westfield, Massachusetts.

If someone was traveling to where you are from for 24 hours, what would you recommend? What would you tell them to do/ where would you tell them to go?
Take a walk through Stanley Park, have a cup of coffee/tea at Circuit Coffee, grab lunch at Two Rivers Burrito, and grab some dessert from Mama Cakes. 

What is your favorite thing about day to day life at Suffield Academy?
I love that no day is the same and I love the different roles I have on campus and how they allow me to connect with our community in different ways. 

What is your favorite book?
In Other Words by Jhumpa Lahiri. 

Which of your roles at Suffield Academy do you relish the most?
I love all my roles at Suffield but I absolutely love being an advisor. It is such a wonderful thing to watch each of my advisees’ individual journeys unfold throughout their time at Suffield. They always make my day. 

What is something you believe one can never over-invest in?
Being a kind person. This word has great meaning to us at Suffield, but it is something that I truly believe in and value. Life gets hard for everyone, and if there is something we can do to make someone's day better or a little easier, why not do it? 

What is your favorite food?
Zereshk Polo (a Persian rice dish mixed with dried zereshk berries, sautéed onions, and chicken).