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Leadership Day
  • Feature

Claire Mastella ’24 Photos: Campbell Hudkins ’25

This year, Suffield Academy its first ever Leadership Day in the fall. The day consisted of each grade doing a different activity to push their comfort zones and help them meet and connect with their classmates.

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Sustainability in the Town of Suffield
  • News

Article: Noreen Flanagan ’24  Photo: Hillary Rockwell Cahn ’88

As the need for more sustainability increases, it is important to be educated on recent environmental news. The efforts of Suffield Town to reduce contamination of recyclables and to raise awareness for recycling is only the start of Sustainable Suffield’s efforts, with solar power being their next topic.

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Water Polo
  • Sports

Article: Michael McCormack ’24 & Niko Curwin-Amfitheatrof ’24 Photos: Meiyi Chen ’24

The Suffield Academy boys’ water polo team fought a vigorous season this year. The team was led by coaches Jem Bullock and Anu Rawlings with assistance from former SA polo powerhouse Cian Beaulieu ’18.

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Hamas’s Attack on Israel
  • Editorial

Article: Anonymous Photo: Mahmud Hams/AFP via Getty Images

Recently, Palestinians and the Hamas launched a large scale and devastating attack on Israel that killed hundreds of people. Since the first attack, the Palestinians have continued to launch missiles into Israel and kidnapping and killing many Israelis.

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