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As of January 2020, six of the top ten male players in the world are Egyptian and half of the top ten women are Egyptian as well. Even at Suffield Academy we currently have three Egyptians playing on the Boys Varsity Team.

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BTS of the 2020 Dance Show

Article & Photo: Katya Yurkovskaya ’22

With Dance Show right around the corner, many people are curious about this annual event. Mrs. Nahmens, the director of dance at Suffield Academy, gladly shared her thoughts on the upcoming show. Every dance show has a specific theme. This year, all of the dances will be connected through movies, as all movies have soundtracks. Mrs. Nahmens came up with the movie theme as she realized that movies are relatable for both the dancers and the audience. “Movies are common ground for everybody,” Mrs. Nahmens said, “the language doesn’t matter; everybody enjoys a good movie.”  

Mrs. Nahmens is eager to use the new TV sets in the Performing Arts Center. The Suffield community had a chance to see the new TVs in December in the production of Legally Blonde: The Musical. Since then, they have been used in Guitar Show and soon, the Dance Show. Mrs. Nahmens is eager to use the TVs, as they allow displaying “images while the dances are happening.

The dance shows have always been special at Suffield, as well as being “audience favorites.” Mrs. Nahmens also notes that “the final performance shows variety in style and highlights everybody.” The unique part of Suffield’s dance team is an opportunity for dancers to choreograph their own dances. Ms. Nahmens believes that “dancing either in a studio or with a company, the dancers don’t have an opportunity to create their choreography.” However, at Suffield, students “not only learn how to dance, but they create their dances, so it’s also an expression of art.” Mrs. Nahmens encourages everybody to come to see the Dance Show on February 27-28.