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Written by Emma Winiarski ’21

Visions of violet stroked across my mind,
brushed into the fibers of my canvas,
painting over the world I left behind.
My vast unknowing my only atlas.
Hazy stretch of lilac hues dipped below
a blinding sun. Consume my concentration
fully, in spite of my restless hollow.
My fear famished by imagination.
My first breath, a rebirth of indulgence.
Inflicting insecurities flushed,
warmly enveloped in your fragrance.
The world I left behind utterly crushed.
You carry on with silent stillness,
accepting me of my true nature.
Unearth a sentiment of worthiness.
Why can’t others model your behavior?
The world I left behind I must return,
and while my back faces your blinding sun
I will not forget what I’ve come to learn.
Your lessons I pass onto everyone.
Beyond myself, to those however grown
to be embraced regardless and forever,
so that each feels compelled to be one’s own
in worlds devoid of fields of lavender.