Fall Sports Update


The return of competitive sports to campus has been long awaited. While the spring term allowed some teams to have the ability to play, fall and winter teams did not have this opportunity due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Despite not being able to compete, these teams made the most of their time training together and were able to improve and grow. Now, the excitement on campus is vibrant as teams prepare for preseason and upcoming competitions.

Promises the return of many valued athletic traditions on campus as well. With full schedules of all sports, including everything from water polo to football, students and parents are looking forward to taking advantage of watching their favorite teams. The alumni weekend football game will be taking place on October 9, and is certainly an event for students, alumni, and families to look forward to. This exciting weekend also gives alums the opportunity to return to their high school days and to their favorite sports. Alumni weekend will be taking place from October 8-10, and is always a great time on campus!

While athletic directors and coaches both acclimated extremely well to the challenges of last year’s fall season, this year promises the return to normalcy in athletics. Masks will no longer be required while practicing outside, and locker rooms should return to their full use. The usual roster of fall sports is back this year, including water polo, field hockey, football, soccer, cross country, and volleyball. Most of these sports will also include sub-varsity levels.

The profound tradition of competitive sports at Suffield is one that everyone on campus is excited to see back in full swing this year. No matter the sport, all athletes and coaches are eager to be back on campus and to enjoy a full season of competition and growth.