Jazz & COVID


Article & Photo: joseph muslu ’23 


Socially distanced Jazz Band meets and practices regularly despite the limitations of Covid. In addition to distancing, another aspect of our safety includes wearing masks when we are not playing. Our setup features a semi-circle for the horns (trumpet, tuba, trombone) and saxophone, another semi-circle of the percussion (piano, drums), and bass guitar facing the horns.

On occasion, Mr. Gotwals will hop in on the marimba located next to the drums to play as well. Thankfully, we are still able to perform a few songs on occasion in our micro concerts, occurring on specific dates in Cone Lounge following lunch. This routine has been practiced once already this year as well as in precedent years. We are looking forward to continuing these types of concerts throughout the rest of the year. Overall, Covid has been an obstacle for us all, but we continue to work on creating music despite this.