Varsity Baseball: Aiming for Improvement

Varsity Baseball: Aiming for Improvement

Article: Logan Lee’ 23 | Photos: Hanseo Lim’ 24

Suffield Academy’s varsity baseball team has made a remarkable comeback this season. Despite starting with four consecutive losses, the team has bounced back with an impressive 8-0 rebound against Pomfret on April 15 and a current three-game winning streak.

A key factor that contributed to the team’s success was the challenging schedule they faced early on. Playing against tough opponents at the beginning of the season helped them identify their weaknesses, and they worked hard to overcome the difficulties they faced. “We realized what our weaknesses were and tried to practice and overcome them,” Connor Tashijian ’24 said.

Mr. Pentz, one of the coaches of the varsity baseball team along with the head coach Mr. Brissette and coach Mr. Hennessy, shared his thoughts on what led to their successful rebound. Consistent practice led to an improvement in pitching and fielding, resulting in fewer errors and a more solid defense. The team’s improvement in defense and pitching was crucial to their rebound from early losses. As a result, the team gained more confidence and started winning games.

Another strength of the team is their leadership. According to Tashjian, the PGs, seniors, and juniors on the team became reliable role models for the younger players, showing them what it takes to have a winning mentality. Looking forward to the rest of the season, the team’s goal is to continue improving by practicing hard every day and maintaining their winning streak. Also, the players look forward to further progress and achievements in the playoffs. As Mr. Pentz put it, “Consistency is key, and we need to keep practicing hard every day and building on our successes.”

The Suffield Academy baseball team’s rebound from a rough start to the season is a testament to their hard work and determination. With strong leadership and a focus on consistent improvement, they are poised to make great achievements this season.