Caring For Our Students

The Health Center

Yoga, Meditation, and more

The Balance Barn

Encouraging Mindfulness

The Counseling Center

At Suffield Academy we believe in focusing on balance. Wellness is part of our underlying philosophy. We offer the chance to completely unplug from technology and other daily stressors, learn skills that build confidence, strengthen relationships, and practice mindfulness in our Zen Den.
I am proud of our talented students and faculty, our gorgeous campus, and our commitment to common goals and values.
There is an emphasis here on helping each student succeed and focusing on the distance they travel during their years on
the Suffield campus. We care about what it feels like to be at Suffield. This is a school that combines challenging academics
and high standards with an encouraging, supportive faculty. It is this atmosphere that has led our school to new heights. Charlie Cahn, Head of School