Master Plan

Hillary Rockwell Cahn ’88 Balance Barn

Master Plan: The Balance Barn

Completed in 2014

Suffield’s new state-of-the-art healthy lifestyle center called The Balance Barn is located on the western part of campus next to the Courtney Robinson '88 Leadership Center. Inspired by the vision of Hillary Rockwell Cahn ’88, yoga, pilates, and barre classes are offered in the barn and there is a meditation loft for reflection. This is a building and series of programs for every student—those familiar with these activities and those with no previous exposure. It is about helping people be more balanced and mindful. Research has shown that activities such as yoga and mindfulness meditation can vastly improve the lives of adolescents by helping them to develop self-awareness and confidence. They offer improved cardiovascular fitness and overall health, better posture, reduced stress, increased strength and flexibility, and more joy and harmony in living.
The barn is a remarkable addition to the Academy, as weekend and evening classes are offered and various athletic teams and leadership classes use the space for yoga and mindfulness exercises. Goals include: a) having another vehicle for Suffield students and faculty to step away from their busy, technology-filled worlds to focus on their overall wellness and health and b) creating positive experiences for students that can inspire positive lifelong activities. “This is another way Suffield is distinguishing itself from other schools—by seeing a need for stepping aside from constant overload and think clearly. It helps enhance overall productivity, health, and happiness,” said Headmaster Charlie Cahn.

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