College Counseling

Roles and Responsibilities

It is important to understand who takes responsibility for which aspects of the college search. Our operating philosophy is that the most successful college match derives from a student-driven process. We will work with students to ensure they have every tool they need to be successful in their college search.


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    It is expected that Suffield’s students will begin the process of decision-making early. Make sure you make an appointment with your college counselor in the winter of your junior year. You will be required to complete an interview questionnaire before the meeting. Attend all group and individual meetings (please be on time).
    Communicate your wishes and desires honestly with your parents and college counselor. Be actively engaged in the college admission process.
    Be prepared for standardized testing (SAT and/or ACT). Complete a testing plan with your college counselor, register for tests on time, and participate in the test preparation best suited for you (e.g. tutoring, self-paced lessons, classroom instruction).
    Send official score reports as required from the testing agencies to the colleges where you file applications.
    Attend the HAISSCCA College Fair (Hartford Area Independent Secondary School College Counselors Association) held each April. Suffield expects all juniors to attend the fair with their college counselors. This fair is an excellent opportunity for juniors to collect information from over 100 colleges and meet with college representatives. Research the basic admission criteria at the colleges you are considering. Make sure that you understand the standardized test requirements, interviewing procedures (if any), financial aid and scholarship process, as well as any special application requirements (graded papers, portfolio for art majors, auditions for music or theater majors, etc.).
    Familiarize yourself with Naviance, our college counseling software. It is a tremendous resource of information and makes managing the college process much easier.
    Plan to visit colleges during spring break, summer vacation, and other school vacation days.
    Meet with college representatives visiting Suffield in the fall of your senior year. Obtain the applications, or research application requirements online, by the early fall of your senior year.
    Request letters of recommendation from teachers at the end of your junior year. Complete the Teacher Recommendation Request Form and return it to the college counseling office before spring exams.
    Complete applications honestly and accurately. Meet deadlines by submitting your applications early. Keep copies of any applications you submit—occasionally materials are lost in the mail/cyberspace or misfiled in college admission offices.
    Write two essays during the summer before your senior year (directions will be distributed by the college counseling office during a spring workshop). Bring these essays with you when you return for Senior Day in September, which includes time set aside to help you with edits and feedback.
    Request your school records (transcript and recommendations) by submitting a Transcript Request Form (orange sheet) to your college counselor at least two weeks before the application deadline.
    Keep your college counselor up to date on all of your plans, progress, and results. Communicate regularly with your counselor.
    Monitor and respond to communications from colleges whether it be email, phone calls, online portals or regular mail.
    Ask for help! Your college counselor is happy to review applications and essays before you submit them and offer suggestions and edits. It is important to plan ahead and ask for help well before the deadline.
    Submit enrollment deposit fee at final choice college by May 1st.


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    It is expected that Suffield’s parents will discuss college plans—including the financial picture and any restrictions—openly and honestly with your child early in the process. Share these thoughts with the college counselor either by phone, in writing, or at a meeting. 

    Complete the Parent Questionnaire.
     This form is mailed to parents in the winter/spring of the child’s junior year. It is also posted in a forms folder in the document library section of Naviance 
    Family Connection. Parents who supply us with information and thoughts on this questionnaire add greatly to our understanding of their child, which in turn enables us to write a better, more comprehensive counselor’s summary and recommendation.
    Assist your child with standardized test registrations (a credit card is required for online registration). Remind your child to submit test scores to colleges as required directly from the testing agencies when applying. Be aware of deadlines and other requirements. Assist your child in visiting colleges of interest.
    Complete your portion of the application by providing your personal information (educational background, employment, etc.) and provide a credit card number for application fees.
    If applying for financial aid, fill out financial aid forms and submit before the deadline.
    Communicate with your child’s college counselor. If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help. Please remember that we all want what is best for the student.
    Submit enrollment deposit fee at final choice college by May 1st.
    Offer support to your son or daughter throughout the college admission process, but please remember that your child should direct the college admission process. Help your child to recognize and celebrate his or her strengths and to highlight them in interviews and on applications. Encourage your child to take the lead in the process and to take pride in his/her accomplishments.

College Counselors

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    It is expected that Suffield’s college counselors will discuss college planning with the student and the parents and help develop a balanced list that represents good matches. Provide comprehensive resources and opportunities for students and their families to learn about the college admissions process and specifics on various colleges.
    Keep students informed about college admissions representatives visiting Suffield, special events, scholarships, and testing.
    Make available forms such as the Common Application, SAT and ACT registration information, Financial Aid Forms (CSS Profile and FAFSA), testing fee waivers if applicable, and special scholarship information and applications.
    Prepare a well-written summary and recommendation that portrays the student in a positive and honest light with an emphasis on academic and personal strengths, achievements, and growth.
    Prepare and submit transcripts to colleges along with a secondary school report form, counselor’s summary and recommendation, school profile, and teacher recommendations.
    Submit fall term, mid-year, and final grade reports to colleges.
    Serve as an advocate for Suffield students to the colleges. Support and counsel students and parents throughout the college research, application, and selection process.

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