The Arts
Discover your inner artist...whether it be visual arts, music, theater, or dance, Suffield Academy students have numerous opportunities to excel in the arts.


“The core of how we teach and how we have always taught at Suffield Academy is to believe everyone has potential.” 

Bill Butcher, Chair of the Visual Arts Department
“The music student's experience is enhanced by interacting with visiting performers and by traveling to
At Suffield, students are presented with numerous opportunities to excel in theatre—both onstage and behind the scenes. In addition to our academic offerings, Suffield produces two major theatrical productions (a play and a musical). Each production gives students a hands-on experience in performance, lighting, sound, stage management, set construction and house management. Students work directly with arts faculty and professionals to create quality productions each year. The theater program is designed to incorporate all types of students at Suffield."

Tom Dugan, Chair of the Performing Arts


“Dance at Suffield is for everyone. It is an after school activity in which students express themselves artistically through body movement.The program opens its door to students interested in participating regardless of their level of expertise; emphasis is placed on performance.” 

Gis-Xi Nahmens, Director of Dance
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