Meet the Tour Guides

Each year, Suffield selects 12-15 of their best tour guides to be Tour Guide Leaders during their senior year. This position is one of the culminating components of the Leadership Program which means that the tour guide leaders must exemplify the seven elements that comprise the program: personal mastery, moral foundation, goal-setting, communication skills, problem-solving, self-awareness, and inspiring & mobilizing others. This year, the 15 seniors selected by the Admissions staff have many responsibilities. These include: training new tour guides, scheduling tours, organizing aspects of the Fall Open House and Spring Revisit Days, and communicating with families. For more information, or to speak with a Tour Guide Leader, please contact the Admissions Office at 860.386.4440.
Devina Bhalla
Devina is a four-year senior from Lexington, Massachusetts. An accomplished swimmer, she describes Suffield as a caring, supportive, and lively community that challenges students to succeed. “Being a tour guide is a perfect way for me to share my love for Suffield to perspective students and families,” she says. Her favorite subject is English and is eager to pursue a career in writing.
Bridget Carey
“I am passionate about Suffield and encourage others to feel the same,” says Bridget. A four-year senior from Suffield, Connecticut, Bridget is a lacrosse and soccer player who enjoys studying psychology. “I am an active member of the Suffield community who loves to support the diverse talents of my classmates, especially during telethon. We have such an amazing group of students and a very supportive faculty.”
Caleigh Horrigan
Caleigh is a four-year senior from town who is passionate about fashion and dance. “I always dreamed of coming to Suffield Academy because the moment I stepped on campus it felt like home,” she says. “As a tour guide leader I am doing my part to expand our community. We are all very supportive of each other and work together to succeed.”
Zachary Kidd
Zak is from East Hartland, Connecticut, and has attended Suffield for three years. He chose Suffield because of its academic and social environment. “I love the close-knit, community feel of the school itself and was really drawn by the rigorous and intuitive academic atmosphere,” he says. “My favorite place on campus is the library, where I feel very comfortable. I really enjoy AP Biology and hope to attend medical school.”
Juhi Rayonia
Juhi is a four-year senior from Agawam, Massachusetts, with passion for visual and performing arts. After her sister’s experience at the Academy, Juhi knew she also wanted to attend. “Suffield is a diverse and encouraging community,” she says. “Everyone here wants you to succeed and perform at your highest potential. My favorite tradition is holiday dinner where we all get together to celebrate the season.”
Elias Smith
From Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Elias firmly believes it is impossible to choose a school based solely on the programs they offer. “So many schools provide great things, but what makes Suffield different is that I instantly felt comfortable,” he says. “Suffield is welcoming, challenging, and warm. As a tour guide, I encourage students and parents to pay attention to how a place feels rather than just its statistics.”
Ben Bonavita
From East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, Ben is a scholar-athlete who entered the Academy as a sophomore. “Suffield has a great support system for scholar-athletes,” he says. “As a tour guide leader I enjoy meeting new people and introducing them to my fellow Tigers.” Ben loves playing football and baseball, and he plans to pursue a career in engineering.
Sam Cuda
Sam is a four-year senior from Longmeadow, Massachusetts, who chose Suffield “because of its inclusive and happy vibe,” he describes. “I am ski racer who loves carving an edge and am proud to represent my school as a tour guide leader.” 
Bailey Hyland
A four-year senior and scholar-athlete from East Windsor, Connecticut, Bailey describes Suffield as inclusive, special, and vivacious. “The faculty members here are kind and approachable,” she says. “We all have different backgrounds and stories. Diversity is a key element to life at Suffield and helps make it a remarkably special place.”
Walter Kress
“I knew that if I was going to live away from home, I wanted a strong support system and community,” says the senior from Wilton, Connecticut. “Suffield offers that to all its students.” A swimmer who also competes in water polo and crew, Walter enjoys being a tour guide and sharing his special view of life at Suffield Academy. “I really enjoy the in-depth discussion we have in class and my teachers are so enthusiastic about their work,” he says. “It is impossible not to like it here.”
Kate Rookey
“When I visited Suffield I discovered a community where everyone genuinely said hello to each other, and I instantly knew this was the place for me,” says Kate. A four-year senior from Suffield, Connecticut, Kate is passionate about tennis and loves being part of a team. “I hope to complete medical school and pursue a career as a surgeon,” she explains. “I am a tour guide leader because I believe Suffield is a place where everybody is encouraged to be their best.”
Rory Tettemer
Rory is a passionate baseball player from Westfield, Massachusetts who enjoys being part of a team. “I chose Suffield Academy because of its sense of community spirit,” he says. “I enjoy sharing all the things I love about the school with prospective students and families.” His dream is to be a sports commentator and the sack race at Tiger Games is his favorite tradition at Suffield.
Isabella Boonstra
Isabella is a four-year senior from Bermuda. “As I was coming from a small place, a school with a strong sense of community was very important to me and that is exactly what I found at Suffield,” she says. “The faculty provides positive encouragement and I’ve made lasting friendships.” A spirited field hockey player, Isabella loves ringing the Bell to celebrate each win. 
Sasha Derby
Sasha is a four-year senior from Irvington, New York and is interested in business. “AP Economics is my favorite class, and I intend on pursuing a career in business development,” he says. “I chose to attend Suffield because of its strong sense of community and excellent academic curriculum.” His favorite Suffield tradition is the annual Tiger Games.
Shaun Johnson
From Mount Vernon, New York, Shaun was drawn to Suffield because of its strong swimming program and actively diverse culture. “After being here four years I often forget what it was like to visit a school’s campus,” she says. “In being a tour guide I can help calm students’ and parents’ nerves about life at a boarding school. It is a good feeling to welcome them to our community and show them it is a safe, energetic, and happy environment.”
Bryan McLennan
A day student from Windsor Locks, Connecticut, Bryan is a decorated golfer and proud member of the varsity team. He calls Suffield a “second home” and enjoys sharing his experience with prospective students and families. “Suffield is a special place,” he says. “Never have I been in such engaging classes where everyone contributes to discussions and assignments.”
Aubrey Sanford
A four-year senior from Canton, Connecticut, Aubrey says she immediately felt welcomed and valued when she arrived at Suffield. “I love this community and am proud to represent the school as a tour guide leader,” she says. “My favorite place on campus is the ceramics studio where I can often be found throwing masterful works of clay.”
Jenn Ungerleider
From Granby, Connecticut, Jenn is a four-year senior and an avid lacrosse player. She describes Suffield as welcoming and kind and relishes being a tour guide leader. “I love meeting students and families and sharing all the wonderful experiences I have had at Suffield,” she says. “Sit-down lunch is my favorite tradition, and I really like cheering on our teams during night games on the turf field.” 
Peyton Cahn
Peyton is a four-year senior who describes Suffield as a happy, fun, and nurturing family-style community. “English is my favorite subject because I enjoy discussing new ideas and understanding different points of view,” she says. “Suffield is dear to my heart, and I love being a tour guide leader.”
Eva Hafner
Eva is a four-year senior from Southport, Connecticut who fell in love with Suffield when attending her mother’s (Lee Baldwin ’88) reunion. She says, “I can describe the Suffield experience with three words: the best time. I enjoy studying philosophy and opening my mind to new perspectives. I am a tour guide leader because I want to help others discover what it means to be a Tiger.”
Susannah Johnson
From Southport, Connecticut, Susannah is a four-year senior and a leader of Suffield’s volleyball team. “I describe our school as nurturing, caring, and beautiful,” she says. “My two older brothers attended Suffield, and I love sharing my school spirit as a tour guide. When I am not on the court, I like exploring the SOLO barn.”
Carlin Molander
“Suffield is a diverse, committed community,” says Carlin. A legacy student from town, Carlin has attended the Academy for four years. “I never thought I’d compete as a diver or on the cross country team, but Suffield encourages you to succeed in ways you never thought possible. As a tour guide I like to set an example of what Suffield Academy has to offer.”
India Shay
India is a four-year senior from Southborough, Massachusetts, who plans on studying education in college. “I would love returning to Suffield as a member of the faculty,” she says. “The Academy pushes its students to reach their highest potential. Everyone here is genuinely interested in providing a positive and safe environment for education and growth.”
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