Meet the Tour Guides

Each year, Suffield selects 12-15 of their best tour guides to be Tour Guide Leaders during their senior year. This position is one of the culminating components of the Leadership Program which means that the tour guide leaders must exemplify the seven elements that comprise the program: personal mastery, moral foundation, goal-setting, communication skills, problem-solving, self-awareness, and inspiring & mobilizing others. This year, the 15 seniors selected by the Admissions staff have many responsibilities. These include: training new tour guides, scheduling tours, organizing aspects of the Fall Open House and Spring Revisit Days, and communicating with families. For more information, or to speak with a Tour Guide Leader, please contact the Admissions Office at 860.386.4440.
Hannah Arthur is a fourth-year senior from West Orange, New Jersey. Hannah chose Suffield because of its family-like atmosphere and close-knit community. Her most challenging class, Hannah enjoys Intro to Computer Science the most and aspires to major in Computer Science in college. She describes Suffield as engaging, supportive, and unforgettable.
Will Burke is a fourth-year senior from East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. His favorite class is Elements of Food Science and he describes Suffield as welcoming, motivating, and nurturing. Will likes Suffield's traditional family-style, sit-down lunch because it promotes engaging conversations between students and faculty.
Becca Collins is a fourth-year senior from Somers, Connecticut. Her favorite class is Biotechnology and she describes Suffield as a diverse, charismatic community. She enjoys the music of the Beach Boys, Chance the Rapper, and the Zac Brown Band. Her most beloved Suffield tradition is ringing the bell after a home game to let the entire school know Suffield won. 
Cari Cyr is a fourth-year senior from Tolland, Connecticut. Her favorite class is Advanced Vocals Technique & Staging and her preferred place on campus is the dance studio in the Performing Arts Center. She describes Suffield as supportive, well-rounded, and encouraging. Cari is honored to support Suffield as a tour guide leader this year.
Peter Kelley is a third-year senior from Longmeadow, Massachusetts. He describes Suffield with three simple words: You should come! His favorite class is US History and thinks the most beautiful place on campus is the SOLO barn pond. Spring is his most liked season because that is when he plays tennis.
Kristen Kertanis is a fourth-year senior from Suffield, Connecticut. Her favorite class this year is Elements of Food Science. She likes the social setting of the new Student Union and thinks Suffield's Color Run is an inspiring tradition. Kristen chose Suffield because of its uniquely loving, fun, and caring community.
Kirsti Kokko is a second-year senior from Madison, Mississippi. Her favorite class is Biotechnology and she aspires to be a pediatric nurse. She describes Suffield as a driven, caring community. Kirsti is a huge fan of Suffield’s annual holiday dinner and loves watching the leaves change in the fall because that does not happen back home.
Griff Kornaker is a second-year senior from Rochester, New York. His favorite class is AP Stats, but also enjoys Media Arts. A Suffield tadition for all seniors, Griff loves being called up first during lunch. While he likes hanging out with his friends in the Student Union, Griff particularly enjoys winter because that is basketball season.
Jae Woo Lee is a third-year senior from Seoul, Korea. His favorite classes are AP Calculus and English IV. Jae Woo uses three words to describe Suffield: family, friendly, tradition. Honoring a special Suffield tradition, Jae Woo reminds you to always avoid stepping on the school seal.
Daniel Mittelman is a third-year senior from Simsbury, Connecticut. Dan has a strong interest in multimedia and enjoys his leadership role as head waiter. A proud member of Suffield’s cross country team, Dan revels in sharing his positive experience at Suffield as a tour guide leader.
Ryder Mosby is a fourth-year senior from Santa Barbara, California. She describes Suffield with three words: home, love, and community. A passionate member of Suffield’s volleyball team, Ryder feels grateful and blessed for her Suffield experience and loves sharing it as a tour guide leader. 
Tanner Moore is a fourth-year senior from Devonshire, Bermuda. Passionate about photography, Tanner’s favorite place on campus is the art center’s dark room, although her most liked class is calculus. Tanner came to Suffield because of its strong sense of community. Her dearest Suffield tradition is the school's annual holiday dinner.
Jonah Perry is a third-year senior from Santiago, Chile. Jonah chose Suffield because of the aquatics program and the friendly students he met when visiting. He loves being in the water, but also enjoys business classes and aspires to run his own company. Family, freedom, and success is how he describes Suffield. 
Graham Shannon is a fourth-year senior from Avon, Connecticut. Graham enjoys history and English the most. He describes Suffield as sincere, nurturing, and fun. Graham particularly enjoys the Suffield “suff-sets” over Bell Hill. He is passionate about Suffield and likes sharing his experience with prospective families as a tour guide leader.
Garrett Stephenson is a third-year senior from Townsend, Massachusetts. Garrett chose Suffield because the students he met had smiles on their faces. His favorite class is AP Government and he aspires to attend law school. He is enthusiastic about Tiger Games and looks forward to ringing the bell at Commencement.
Maggy Skaugen is a third-year senior from Oslo, Norway. She describes Suffield as inclusive, diverse, and supportive. Maggy’s favorite class is honors calculus and she loves to ski. Maggy is proud to have won the NEPSAC Class A slalom championships and is anxious to ring the bell at Commencement. 
Anna Wilson is a third-year senior from Dallas, Texas. Her favorite class is Biotechnology and enjoys working with genetics. She chose Suffield because of its deeply rooted sense of community and tradition, and although she was only told once she always remembers to never, ever, ever step on the school seal.
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