Tradition & Success

The athletic program at Suffield Academy has a long and storied tradition, and we are proud of our recent success as well. Our teams have won 28 league or New England titles over the last five years, and 17 different Suffield sports teams have finished in the top four or better. Athletics at Suffield are about much more than winning and losing. We believe sports build and strengthen character. Our program will encourage you to stay in good physical shape, make new friends, learn the rules of fair play and sportsmanship, and benefit from being a member of a team.
Winning may be an immediate end, but it is in the pursuit of excellence where we develop values that stick with us. Interscholastic participation has a positive effect on students and the Suffield community, fostering growth, maturity, and a sense of personal competence and identity. It also enhances the recognition and mastery of many positive values that lead to success not only athletically, but academically as well. Values like self-confidence, hard work, perseverance, and commitment are equally important on the field and in the classroom.

FALL  16 teams 8 varsities 8 sub-varsities
WINTER 15 teams 9 varsities 6 sub-varsities
SPRING 16 teams 11 varsities 5 sub-varsities
Other Options
In recent years, Suffield has added more non-competitive options to meet the interests of our students. Programs like SOLO, snowboarding, dance, fitness, music and art specials, and community outreach have enhanced our range of offerings. These allow students to engage with others in experiences that challenge them to grow and learn.

To help maintain this strong tradition, Suffield provides its students with outstanding athletic facilities. On your visit today, you will see Tisch Field House, a beautiful 30,000 square foot facility housing two basketball courts, eight squash courts, and a training center. Our campus is lined with nine playing fields—including a turf field installed in 2009 and baseball and softball diamonds renovated in the summer of 2011—ten tennis courts, a track, and the Courtney Robinson ’88 Outdoor Leadership Center, which includes a 35-foot climbing wall and outdoor high and low ropes courses, and the new Hillary Rockwell Cahn ’88 Balance Barn. The Ap Seaverns Athletic Center houses Kinne Court, a classic New England boarding school gym; a newly renovated swimming pool area complete with hot tub; and a brand new crew facility equipped with state-of-the-art rowing tanks and ergonomic machines.
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