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New Dress Code

List of 2 frequently asked questions.

  • + Girls

    - A woman’s sleeved collared blouse or two visible layers (a dress shirt/sweater and one additional layer) 
    - Dress slacks, khakis, or chinos (no jeans, denim pants, or pants with rivets and sewn on pockets)
    - Dress shoes (no athletic shoes, sneakers, beach/bath sandals)
    - Skirts or dresses which extend to the knee, or if shorter accompanied by leggings or opaque tights (dresses should provide shoulder coverage or be accompanied by a sweater or other second layer)
    - No sweatshirts or hooded attire 
  • + Boys

    - A tucked-in dress shirt and visible necktie 
    - Dress pants or khakis (no jeans, no pants with rivets or sewn on pockets) 
    - Belt  
    - Dress shoes (no athletic shoes, sneakers, beach/bath sandals) 
    - No hats in buildings 
    - No sweatshirts or hooded attire
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