The Big E – (West Springfield, MA)
Did you grow up attending the Big E? Have you ever been to a county fair? Hop on the bus for a ride of a lifetime to take a trip to West Springfield to sample some of the best food America has to offer. From its world-famous crème puffs, to the Craz-E burger, to deep-fried Oreos, to chocolate covered bacon, the Big E has it all. If you’re not in the mood for food, enjoy the rides, games, and the sites at Massachusetts’s greatest carnival.
The trip costs $15 and leaves from in front of Brewster at 6:30 pm. Please sign up in the Big E folder by Friday at noon. To find out what else the Big E has to offer, and what is in a Craz-E burger, copy and paste this link.

Scavenger Hunt
Form a team of 5 and join the Suffield scavenger hunt. Teams will meet in the dining hall at table 1 at 7:40 during breakfast on Saturday to receive the list for the scavenger hunt. Teams may use a phone or any other device they think might be helpful. The hunt will begin as soon as you receive the list and will end at 2. The first team to finish wins! Representatives will be waiting in the sports lounge after classes for the winner to show their answers. Each person on the winning team gets a prize!

Open Gym
Show off your skills in volleyball, basketball or squash as the field house will be open this evening. Check in with the POD team for time.

Movie Trip – (Enfield, CT) 
Check out these great films now playing: Crzay Rich Asians, The Meg, or Mission: Impossible Fallout. The bus leaves from in front of Brewster at 6:30. Please be sure to sign up in the Movies folder.  Enfield movie trip.

Enfield Trip – (Enfield, CT) 
Are you tired of delivery food and are looking for something different? Well, look no longer, the Enfield Food trip will run this weekend. With several different dining options in Enfield, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your appetite! Sign up for a toaster trip across the bridge and enjoy the best of what Enfield has to offer. The toaster leaves at 8:00 p.m. from in front of Brewster.  The Trip is limited to the first 14 that sign up.

Evergreen Walk – South Windsor
Whether it’s shopping, dining, or strolling down vibrant main street, Evergreen Walk has quickly become South Windsor’s go to lifestyle destination. Some store includes: Gap, Banana Republic, Sephora, Apple, and New Balance. If you get hungry stop by Panera Bread or Ben & Jerry’s.
Tiger Taxi (Enfield Mall, Best Buy Plaza, Staples Plaza, Costco’s Plaza) 
Need a few items? Want to catch a movie? The Tiger Taxi will be running this Sunday beginning at 11:00 am from in front of Brewster.

Open Gym
Looking to stay fit or add some muscle? The weight room and gym will be open from 1:00pm -4:00pm

TV & NFL in The Union – (The Union)
Football Season is upon us! Catch week 3 of the season and watch the Texans and Giant’s game at 1:00pm or the Cowboys and Seahawks game at 4:25p.
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