Environmental efforts at Suffield Academy are woven throughout our everyday life. They range from infrastructure initiatives and course offerings to school awards and upcoming school projects.

Ongoing Initiatives

-Austainability awareness courses
-SOLO (Suffield Outdoor Leadership Opportunities)
-TREE (Teaching Responsible Environmental Ethics)
-Earth Day celebration with educational workshops and conservation activities
-Addition of the Balance Barn
-Organic & local foods served in the dining hall
-The use of post consumer recycled materials around campus

Environmental Initiatives Accomplishments

-Joined the U.S. Green Building Council’s Center for Green Schools
-Joined the Green School Alliance at the Climate Steward Level
-Won awards for student videos produced for the Green School Alliance
-Included green architectural features into new buildings
-Installed solar panel array at the SOLO Barn
-Renovated the pond and lean-to at the Parker Regan Memorial
-Labeled trees on campus to highlight biodiversity
-Added natural gas heating capabilities
-Updated efficiency for Suffield’s major boilers
-Re-lamped campus buildings for low wattage bulbs
-Installed motion sensors in dorms
-Installed water filter systems in dorms and offices
-Implemented a single stream collection for campus recycling program
“When you care about the environment, you feel as if you are never doing enough. I am extremely proud of the Suffield Academy community and the efforts that are underway both on a personal and community level.”  Headmaster Charlie Cahn
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