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Chris Herren – Unguarded and Off the Court

Former NBA basketball player Chris Herren spoke at Chapel on January 11. Chris grew up in Fall River, Massachusetts. He is the author of Basketball Junkie and was featured in the 2011 documentary called “Unguarded”. For much of his basketball career Chris struggled with substance abuse. Drug-free and alcohol-free since August 1, 2008 Chris now puts his family and sobriety above everything else. In 2009, Chris launched a player development company named Hoop Dreams with Chris Herren. He has trained some of the top basketball prospects in New England. Off the court, Chris attends daily meetings in constant support of his substance-free lifestyle while also helping others to maintain their own. He is the founder of The Herren Project, a nonprofit organization that provides support and mentorship to individuals who struggle with substance abuse. The Herren Project launched Project Purple in 2012 and encourages people of all ages to stand up to substance abuse.
Besides running player development programs, Chris speaks to a variety of groups about his experience in overcoming addiction. Yet this chapel was not just about substance abuse. Chris spoke about insecurities and pressure, about being a leader and role model.  “I learned that my story is not enough,” Chris said. “This assembly is about more than drugs and alcohol. It’s about self esteem and confidence. It’s about having the strength to recognize that being yourself is enough. We are better at everything if we are better at our self.”
Chris lives in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, with his wife and three children.

You may watch Chris's talk at Chapel by following this link:
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