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The Class of 2017 Speaker Series – Words from our Seniors

Suffield’s senior speaker series continued on April 3 and featured eight members of the Class of 2017: Benji Hart, Lane Tryon, Will Burke, Teem Durongkapitaya, Brooklynn Hayes, Brandon Liao, Ryder Mosby, and Ben Toczydlowski
The series is a new addition to the chapel program where all seniors deliver a speech, presentation, or performance to the Suffield Academy community. Headmaster Charlie Cahn said he hopes the program will serve as a formative experience for the seniors, an opportunity to strengthen community, and a way to continue providing engaging chapel programming. These talks will be supplemented by traditional chapel events including the Community Text speaker (Mark Shriver this year), the Alumni Leadership Day program, Student Council Elections, and the Kent-Davis Speaking Competition during Commencement week.
Benji Hart shared a video montage featuring the many beautiful sites of southern Florida and his home in Miami. Lane Tryon Repka described how several concussions influenced her life, forcing her to place less emphasis on athletics and allowing opportunity to redefine herself outside of playing sports. Telling a story of a young man’s ambition and the creation of penicillin, Will Burke explained how life can be viewed as a remarkable act of generosity. Teem Durongkapitaya talked about being an international student and why he chose to attend high school in the United States. After spending the last 100 days creating a new video each day, Brooklynn Hayes presented a collection of them as she counts down the remaining days until graduation. From Toronto, Canada, by way of China, Brandon Liao spoke about the difficult adjustment from speaking Chinese to learning English, introduced several outstanding Asian athletes to celebrate their achievements, and highlighted some differences between American and Chinese schools. Expressing what it feels like to find and maintain happiness, Ryder Mosby shared a video showing the many friends and fond memories she made during her time at Suffield. Ben Toczydlowski closed the afternoon talks by describing the pros and cons of having an identical twin and what it will be like to separate from his brother when they attend college in the fall.
The senior speaker series will resume on April 10. 

You may view all the chapel presentations here.

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