Annual Underclass Prize Day

Students were recognized during Suffield Academy’s annual Underclass Prize Day on September 18. This day honors those individuals who demonstrated hard work and enthusiasm during the 2016-2017 school year. Each academic department awards prizes for success and improvement in the classroom and several prizes honor excellence across the curriculum, school-wide contributions, and commitment to community service.
The complete list of award winners is below.
AP Scholars (Class of 2018)
Petch Arpornpattanapong
Hattie Bauchiero
Devina Bhalla
Bridget Carey
Milan Ghosh
Caleigh Horrigan
Devon Loftus
Rishi Patel
Max Shlafstein
Matt Titterton
Joe Yunis

AP Scholars with Honor (Class of 2018)
Zachary Kidd
Cathy Yan
Zoey Zheng
National Merit Semi-Finalist (Class of 2018)
Max Miranda
Commended National Merit Scholars (Class of 2018)
Zachary Kidd
Devon Loftus
Chase Moran

Physics Prize: Jessica Fedor ’19
Chemistry Prize: Tiffany (Zhiqi) Zhang ’19
Biology Prize: Sarah Swanson ’18
Bausch & Lomb Science Medal: Max Schlafstein ’18
Rensselaer Mathematics & Science Medal: Zoey (Nan) Zheng ’18

Freshman English Prize (Most Improved): Tyler Sylvester ’20
   *Honorable Mention: Peterson Monexant ’20, Cameron Parrow ’19
Sophomore English Prize (Honors): Jackson Pentz ’19 & Jessica Fedor ’19
Sophomore English Prize: Savannah Tompkins ’19 & Charles Tilney-Volk ’19
   *Honorable Mention: Kota Ikemoto ’19 & Clara Kummerer ’19
Junior English Prize: Sarah Swanson ’18 & Max Schlafstein ’18
   *Honorable Mention: Kate Rookey ’18
Brown Book Award: Devina Bhalla ’18
   *Honorable Mention: Peyton Cahn ’18

Freshman Mathematics Prize: Laurel Vardakas ’20 & Anuoluwapo (Annie) Daramola ’20
   *Honorable Mention: Jaid Dunn ’20
Freshman Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Zhiji (Stanley) Huan ’20
   *Honorable Mention: Alana Colaccino ’20
Sophomore Mathematics Prize: Michael Giugliano ’19
   *Honorable Mention: Paityn Bergstol ’19
Sophomore Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Nicole Lee ’19 & Zhiqi (Tiffany) Zhang ’19
   *Honorable Mention: Isabel Kokko ’19 & Jason Choi ’19
Junior Mathematics Prize: Collin Parrow ’18 & Shaun Johnson ’18
   *Honorable Mention: Peter Kim ’18
Junior Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Matteo Calderon ’18 & Nan (Zoey) Zheng ’18
   *Honorable Mention: Bridget Carey ’18 & Devon Loftus ’18

Chinese Prize: Michaela Domino ’20
Chinese Prize (Advanced): Max Shlafstein ’18 & Zachary Kidd ’18
French Prize: Caleigh McNamara ’19
French Prize (Advanced): Bridget Carey ’18 & Kate Rookey ’18
Spanish Prize: Ekaterina Tatarkina ’19
   *Honorable Mention: Tiffany Zhang ’19 & Jackson Pentz ’19
Spanish Prize (Advanced): Caroline Gingold ’18 & Juhi Rayonia ’18
   *Honorable Mention: Leticia Sadilina ’18

Freshman History Prize: Gabriella Tosone ’20
   *Honorable Mention: Annie Daramola ’20
Sophomore US History Prize: Charles Tilney-Volk ’19
   *Honorable Mention: Audrey Arthur ’19
Sophomore Honors US History Prize: Jackson Pentz ’19
   *Honorable Mention: Isabel Kokko ’19
China & East Asia Studies Prize: Max Shlafstein ’18
European Studies Prize: Carlin Molander ’18
   *Honorable Mention: Collin Parrow ’18
Latin America Studies Prize: Caroline Gingold ’18
   *Honorable Mention: Leticia Sadilina ’18
Holy Cross Book Award-Excellence in History: Devina Bhalla ’18
WALKS Nelson A. Pomeroy Prize: Caleigh Horrigan ’18
   *Honorable Mention: Mike Trevallion ’18

Freshman Vocal: Sohi Shah ’20
Sophomore Vocal: Sarah Longhi ’19
Junior Vocal: Leticia Sadilina ’18 & Meg Durhager ’18
Jazz Instrumental: Sam Cuda ’18 & Katherine Kelley ’18
Classical Instrumental: Leon Leung ’19 & Ting Yu Michelle Wan ’20
Scott Chambers Music Fellowship: Gavin Mastella ’19
Theater Prize: Max Wiener ’18 & Arianna Saxton ’18

Visual Art: Tori Tryon ’18 & Isabella Boonstra ’18
Ceramics: Aubrey Sanford  ’18
Photography: Sedley Benitz ’18 & Juhi Rayonia ’18

Fichtenholtz Award: Katherine Kelley’18
Barnes Service Award: Patrick Cordes ’18

Williams Book Prize: Bridget Carey ’18
Harvard Book Prize: Devon Loftus ’18 & Kate Rookey ’18

Yale Book Prize: Devina Bhalla ’18

Smith Book Prize: Isabella Attianese’18
Trinity Book Prize: Zachary Kidd’18
Amherst Book Prize: Sarah Swanson’18
Dartmouth Book Prize: Daniel Krasemann’19
Mount Holyoke Book Prize: Isabel Kokko ’19

*You may view additional photos of the awards ceremony on smugmug.

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