Pelicans too much for the Tigers...

Water proved to be more than an equalizer in what one might think would be an unfair matchup between Tigers and Pelicans. In their own element, the Pelicans proved to be much more dangerous than Tigers, at both ends of the pool. Loomis jumped out to a quick lead that they never relinquished, up 5-2 at the end of Q1. It was 11-2 at the half, as Suffield shooting was less than precise, as compared with the deadly accuracy of the Maroon and Gray sharpshooters. However, Suffield was able to draw two kickout fouls against Loomis star, Michael Gorgan, Head Coach Ed Pond decided to bench him for Q3, so as not to draw a third kickout that would eliminate him from the game. This helped Suffield turn the tide for a quarter, outscoring Loomis, 5-0. Loomis now held an 11-6 lead. But Gorgan returned to play for part of Q4, and Loomis took command of the game once again. Loomis cruised to a 16-6 victory and a 7-1 record in the contest. Suffield's best play came in the form of steals. The Tigers snagged eleven steals: Cian Beaulieu led the way with five, Max Miranda and Elias Smith each grabbed two, and Max Bass, Andrew Budge, and Sasha Derby each recorded one. Suffield season record: 2-3
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