Great comeback for Varsity Waterpolo...


The St. John's Prep Eagles flew down the Massachusett's turnpike to clash with the Suffield Tigers in a tightly fought game.  Contrary to the score at the end of the first quarter, 3-2 Eagles, the Tigers displayed some of its most tenacious defense this season. Throughout the second quarter both teams let loose an onslaught of shots on each others keepers -- making the score 8-6, Eagles, at the end of the first half. The Tigers continued to play commendable defense, but fell short on the offensive end with a selection of poorly placed shots. The score at the end of the third quarter was 10-7, Eagles. Albeit down three goals, the Tigers were not willing to give in. With Coach Ciecimirski's mantra, "Fourth Quarter, Our Quarter" ringing clear in the Tigerpolomen's ears, they clawed back goal by goal. The fourth quarter ended in an nail biting victory for Suffield, 12-11 Tigers.

Thank you for the continuous support by the Tigers' fans as well as a special thanks to St. John's Prep for making the long trek.

Suffield Scoring:  Ryan Lundsford (3), Elias Smith (3), Cian Beaulieu (2), Max Bass (2), Melvin Ku (1), and Max Miranda (1).
St. John's Prep Scoring: Wills D' Angelo (3), Harrison Fiscus (3), Conner Goodwin (1), and Mitchell Lockwood (1).
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