Tigers travel to Williston and get a big win...

In their second match of the season, Suffield and Williston played a competitive game. In this game the home team, Williston, stayed close to the Tigers, falling short only 2-3 to Suffield after Q1, and 4-6 at halftime. The Tigermens' hallmark surge quarter, Q3, again proved to be the turnaround Orange period, as Suffield extended their lead to 10-6 on the strength of improved offensive coordination. The final quarter allowed for both free substitution and aggressive play by the fresh players, and the lead was extended a bit more, to 13-8, by game's end.

Walter Kress enjoyed dividends from his improved offensive efforts, producing four goals for Suffield across four quarters. Cian Beaulieu and Max Miranda netted three goals, and Max Bass, Andrew Budge, and Elias Smith each tallied once.

Goalkeepers Melvin Ku and Sasha Derby recorded seven and six blocks, respectively.

Season record: 7-6
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