The 2018 Area Studies Museum Projects

The 2018 Museum Presentations were a highlight of the winter term in the Junior History Area Studies Program held on January 29 and 30. Students in Latin American Studies, China & East Asia Studies, and European Studies selected and researched thematic topics, and produced presentations based on their findings. This year the theme for Latin American Studies students was “The Collision of Cultures.” For students in China & East Asia Studies, the theme was “Circa-1900,” and for European Studies it was “World War I Era: 1917 & 1918.” Their posters, PowerPoints, games, specialty foods, and interactive displays engaged many members of the community.
From Smith’s Parish, Bermuda, Izzy Dutranoit elected to research the operation of German U-Boats in World War I. She noted, “The most interesting thing I learned is that German U-Boats were obligated to surface and identify themselves before initiating an attack and declaring unrestricted warfare. Our entire theme was inspired by the ocean. We had a lot of fun creating blinking beacons and other details inspired by submarines.”
Daisy Fauver commented, “I was a little nervous to make such an elaborate presentation at first, but then I really began to enjoy the project. Once we gathered more information and felt well educated on our topic it was really easy to present it to others. It was a great experience.”
History Department Chair Bryan Brissette concluded, “The Museum Projects are the culmination of weeks of hard work. As the capstone of our Area Studies Program, the event allows our students to showcase their creativity and research skills while also giving them the opportunity to present their projects to the community. The history department is proud of the commitment made by our students and teachers to make this an outstanding event on campus.”
Visitors who attended the Museum Presentations were given a chance to vote for their favorites. Below is a list of the results.
China & East Asia
Best Overall: Korea & Japan 1880s-1920s - Brad Kim & Ric Yamamoto
Honorable Mention: The Development of Singapore - Charlie TIlney-Volk & Mike Acahtz
Most Scholarly: Hong Kong Under British & Japanese Occupation - Melvin Ku, Kenny Lin & Oak Chaisathaporn
Honorable Mention: Thailand's Natural Rubber Industry - Tharis Sosothikul
Most Creative: Night Life & Dark Forces in Shanghai - Millie Gao & Lawrence Li
Latin American Studies
Best Overall: Drums at Dusk - Courtney Marshall & Becca Matalon
Most Scholarly: Transculturation and the Day of the Dead - Kate Tatarkina
Honorable Mention: Mapmaking Through the Ages - Ari Shah
Most Creative: Diseases in Latin America - Paityn Bergstol & Tayla Ziadie
Honorable Mention: Transculturation and Music - Sarah Longhi
European Studies
Best Overall: UBoats in 1917 - Izzy Dutranoit & Becca Bauer
Honorable Mention: Trench and Chemical Warfare - Tim Oravec & Dylan Chase
Most Scholarly: Aviation in 1917 - Ben Bonavire & Cam Purdy
Honorable Mention: Spanish Flu - Boang Ying
Most Creative: The Red Baron - Colter Rule & Nkosi Cooper
Honorable Mention:Picasso to 1917 - Daisy Fauver & Eres Portman
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