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Academic Excellence, Artistic Talent, and Community Contributions Honored

Monday September 17 marked Suffield Academy’s annual Underclass Prize Day, as students whose hard work and thirst for knowledge during the 2011-12 school year earned them special recognition. Academic Dean Sara Yeager explained award winners exemplified this year’s school theme of resilience, as their persistent efforts led to sustained success. First, the 44 students who achieved High Honor Roll across all three terms last year were recognized, as were the four students who were commended by the College Board for their performance on AP exams. Each academic department awarded prizes for success and improvement in the classroom, and, finally, ten prizes honored excellence across the curriculum, school-wide contributions, and commitment to community service and energy preservation.

The complete list of award winners is below. A photo gallery of award-winners and their prizes can be found on SmugMug.

AP Scholar
Yujia Hong
Hannah Thrall
AP Scholar with Honor
Casper Neo
AP Scholar with Distinction
Mariam Ibrahim

Science Department
Physics Prize: Amanda Baildon
Chemistry Prize: Mariam Ibrahim
Biology Prize: Angelina Massoia
Bausch & Lomb Science Medal: Jasmine Rayonia
Rensselaer Mathematics & Science Medal: Mariam Ibrahim

English Department
Freshman English Prize (Most Improved): Spencer Preli
Freshman English Prize (Most Improved): Amanda Silverstein
Sophomore English Prize (Best Performance): Ben Cooper
Sophomore English Prize (Best Performance): Caroline Vianney
*Honorable Mention: Brittney D’Oleo, Julie Doten, Henriette Lingelem, Beanie O’Shea
Brown Book Award (Excellence in English): Mariam Ibrahim
*Honorable Mention: Sarah Hong
Junior English Prize (Best Essay of Literary Criticism): Anna Strzempko
*Honorable Mention: Jordan Stanley

Mathematics Department
Freshman Mathematics Prize: Zico Li
Freshman Mathematics Prize: Peak Maleenont
Freshman Mathematics Prize: Eric Reuben
*Honorable Mention: Pure Maleenont and Marysa Massoia
Freshman Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Brendan Forbes
Freshman Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Seph Xiao
*Honorable Mention: Kira Demitrus and Amy Hong
Sophomore Mathematics Prize: Ben Cooper
Sophomore Mathematics Prize: Jackie Nicoletti
Sophomore Mathematics Prize: Denny Smythe
*Honorable Mention: Annie Osiecki
Sophomore Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Julie Doten
Junior Mathematics Prize: Olivia Poulin
Junior Mathematics Prize: Hannah Williams
*Honorable Mention: Aphra Benitz, Lexi Bicknell, Angelina Massoia
Junior Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Sarah Hong
Junior Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Mariam Ibrahim
*Honorable Mention: Filippa Brandolini, Erin Ferraro, Hannah Thrall

Language Department
Chinese Prize: Sage Maggi
Chinese Prize: Amanda Mancuso
*Honorable Mention: Peter Derby
Chinese Prize (Advanced): Hannah Thrall
*Honorable Mention: Vichaya Poolvaraluk
Latin Prize (Advanced): Sarah Berchuck
French Prize: Emily Lowe
French Prize: Nicole Matysiak
*Honorable Mention: Caroline Bauchiero
French Prize (Advanced): Jackie Foley
French Prize (Advanced): Morgan Young
Spanish Prize: Abby Blyler
Spanish Prize: Griffin Manos
Spanish Prize (Advanced): Neelam Mahtani
Spanish Prize (Advanced): Paul Metscher
*Honorable Mention: Olivia Poulin

History Department
Freshman History Prize: Julia Harris
Freshman History Prize: Gregory Pentz
Sophomore US History Prize: Beanie O’Shea
*Honorable Mention: Hannah Donnelly
Sophomore Honors US History Prize: Jillian Haywood
Sophomore Honors US History Prize: Denny Smythe
China & East Asia Studies Prize: Alton Sioussat
European Studies Prize: Mariam Ibrahim
Latin America Studies Prize: Sarah Hong
Holy Cross Book Award for Excellence in History: Anna Strzempko
*Honorable Mention: Philip Bowers and Paul Metscher
Nelson A. Pomeroy Prize (WALKS): Angelina Massoia
*Honorable Mention: Julie Doten and Jillian Haywood

Music Department
Freshman Vocal Prize: Greg Pentz
Sophomore Vocal Prize: Clare Guerreiro
Junior Vocal Prize: Victoria Kiarsis
Jazz Instrumental Prize: Aya Maeda
Classical Instrumental Prize: Lily Zhou
Scott Chambers Music Fellowship: Brittney DíOleo
Theater Prize: Piper Holiday and Jesse Philips

Art Department
Visual Art Prize: Bozhou Luo and Wynn Mason
*Honorable Mention: Jacqueline Autuori
Ceramics Prize: Adam Brown
Photography Prize: Anna DeGobbi

Schoolwide Prizes
Leishman Award: Michael Simmons
Barnes Service Award: Brandon Shrair

Book Prizes
Williams Book Prize: Mariam Ibrahim
Harvard Book Prize: Angelina Massoia
Yale Book Prize: Paul Metscher
Smith Book Prize: Sarah Hong
Trinity Book Prize: Jay O’Brien
Trinity Book Prize: Hannah Thrall
Amherst Book Prize: Cheryl Kuo
Dartmouth Book Prize: Denny Smythe
Mount Holyoke Book Prize: Caroline Vianney
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