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Dave Ungrady speaks about resilience

Author and journalist Dave Ungrady visited classes and spoke at Suffield on October 22, 2012. Dave recently wrote a book about the tragic death of Len Bias called Born Ready: The Mixed Legacy of Len Bias.

Dave began his talk by discussing the personal background of Len Bias, a basketball star at University of Maryland who was drafted by the Boston Celtics. On the morning following the draft, Bias died from cardiac arrhythmia induced by a cocaine overdose. Ungrady's book traces the impact of this death on Maryland teammates, coaches, and administrators, as well as Bias's friends and family.

Dave Ungrady then turned his talk to this current area of focus, centered on resilience, Suffield's theme for the 2012-2013 academic year. His "Born Ready Project" is premised on the notion that "Your life is shaped by the choices you make."

He detailed five ways to build resilience:

1) Connect with people
2) Stay positive
3) Accept change
4) Set realistic goals
5) Take care of yourself

Suffield students learned a great deal from Dave Ungrady's visit about the impact of the decisions we make, the importance of self-discipline, and the tragic death of a wonderfully promising young man.
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