Ty Howard at Suffield Academy

On Monday, January 21, motivational speaker Ty Howard helped Suffield celebrate the holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He highlighted facts about Dr. King's life and his contributions to American society. He also delivered an inspiring message by calling on Suffield Academy volunteers to demonstrate, with balloons, what it means to chase after one's dream despite setbacks and distractions. Ty engaged the students with call and response techniques asking them to shout out, "True greatness is as true greatness does!" and "I am the architect of my future!" The day was especially significant; in addition to being MLK Jr. Day and the second inauguration of President Barack Obama, it was also Ty's birthday. He chose to spend it speaking to Suffield students, faculty, and staff about being G.R.E.A.T.: Gifted, Resilient, Educated, Action-Driven, and Triumphant. Ty is the author of Untie the Knots that Tie Up Your Life and the online magazine, Motivation: http://www.motivationmagazine.com.
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