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Sara Wolff, Advocate for Developmental Disabilities

On Monday, March 25, Sara Wolff spoke to the Suffield community about being an advocate for developmental disabilities. A few facts about Sara: her favorite store is Target, she loves basketball and bowling, she currently attends college, and she has Down Syndrome. Sara, now 30, is a remarkable woman who talked about the importance of inclusion; she credits her parents for being extremely supportive and always including her in her brothers' and sister's activities. "Inclusion takes a team effort," Sara said, "and the words 'I can't' don't exist for me." She joked that having Down Syndrome has only prevented her from doing one thing: wear glasses. "I have a small nose and long eyelashes," she explained.

A former law clerk, Sara now serves on three boards including the National Down Syndrome Society of New York. She has met Barbara Walters, Meredith Viera, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and her role model, Dwayne Johnson ("The Rock"). Sara concluded her talk by emphasizing how she is an example of resilience. "We are all different and we all have our own special gifts," she commented, "so be proud of yourself."
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