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Bob Morris '68

On Monday, April 8, Bob Morris '68 spoke at Suffield about his distinguished career with the U.S. Army and CIA. Originally from West Hartford, Connecticut, Bob came to Suffield in 1965, an experience he says opened his eyes to the world. After graduation, Bob went to Georgetown where, he noted, "all of life's temptations were staring me in the face." He claims that while many of his Georgetown friends were planning to go IDB ("Into Dad's Business"), Bob took a different route. After his first semester at Georgetown he decided to join the Army, in part because his brother was already serving in Vietnam. Bob went on to become an Army "Green Beret" and a CIA Operations Officer, and he explained how his military experience inspired his confidence by forcing him to confront his fears. He had three main themes to share with the Suffield community: confront your fears in order to overcome them, serve the community to the best of your ability, and spend your life traveling from the mind to the heart. Bob's recently published book, Fighting Windmills: A Quixotic Odyssey, tells of his many incredible experiences; when asked why he wrote it, he said simply, "for my children." It's clear that Bob considers himself a modern-day Don Quixote in the way he uses humor and humility to reflect upon a very brave and honorable life.
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