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Suffield Students Honored For Excellence

Monday, September 16, marked Suffield Academy’s annual Underclass Prize Day, as students whose hard work and thirst for knowledge during the 2012-13 school year earned them special recognition. First, the 39 students who achieved High Honor Roll across all three terms last year were recognized, as were the four students who were commended by the College Board for their performance on AP exams. Each academic department awarded prizes for success and improvement in the classroom, and, finally, ten prizes honored excellence across the curriculum, school-wide contributions, and commitment to community service and energy preservation.

The complete list of award winners is below.
AP Scholar
Julie Doten
Jilian Haywood
AP Scholar with Distinction
Joseph D’Amico
National Merit Semi-Finalist
Caroline Vianney

Science Department
Physics Prize: Maia Doerner                   
Chemistry Prize: Julie Doten                  
Biology Prize: Haley Leishman               
Bausch & Lomb Science Medal: Joseph D’Amico                                  
Rensselaer Mathematics & Science Medal: Jillian Haywood

English Department
Freshman English Prize (Most Improved): Maia Doerner 
Freshman English Prize (Most Improved): Donghang Wu
Freshman English Prize (Most Improved): Zixia Xue  
Sophomore English Prize (Best Performance): Abigail Blyler
Sophomore English Prize (Best Performance): Marysa Massoia 
*Honorable Mention: Tyler Ersoff, Tae Hun Kim, Julia Harris
Brown Book Award (Excellence in English): Julie Doten
*Honorable Mention: Griffin Manos
Junior English Prize (Best Essay of Literary Criticism): Caroline Vianney

Mathematics Department
Freshman Mathematics Prize: Yasmin Geradeau 
Freshman Mathematics Prize: Trevor Lyne
Freshman Mathematics Prize: Megan Williams
*Honorable Mention: Dan Bennett, Billy Cordes, Bella DeSimone
Freshman Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Min Kwon Choi
Freshman Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Zijing Liao
Freshman Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Donghang Wu
*Honorable Mention: Coco Cao, Kevin Doten, Kevin Xue                    
Sophomore Mathematics Prize: Varuth Leeswadtrakul
Sophomore Mathematics Prize: Marysa Massoia
Sophomore Mathematics Prize: Camila Rocha
*Honorable Mention: Aaliyah Davison, Sarah Pickup
Sophomore Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Brendan Forbes
Sophomore Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Nikhil Ghosh
*Honorable Mention: Caroline Bauchiero, Zico Li, Emily Lowe, Molly Tettemer     
Junior Mathematics Prize: Denny Smythe            
*Honorable Mention: Hannah Donnelly, Griffin Manos, Caroline Skofterud-Nilsen
Junior Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Joseph D’Amico
Junior Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Julie Doten
Junior Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Jillian Haywood              
*Honorable Mention: Ashley Lombardo, Annie Osiecki, Yosi Sela

Language Department
Chinese Prize: Max Teitelman
Chinese Prize: Navaree Maleenont
Chinese Prize       : Noppatee Maleenont
*Honorable Mention: Maggie O’Shea
Chinese Prize (Advanced): Saralee Hudson
*Honorable Mention: Ben Intarapuvasak, Sage Maggi, Anna Walker
French Prize: Emily Lowe
French Prize: Caroline Bauchiero
*Honorable Mention: Lillian Flynn, Julia Harris, Kimberly Meunier
French Prize (Advanced): Henriette Lingelem
French Prize (Advanced): Nicole Matysiak
French Prize (Advanced): Isabelle Thompson      
Spanish Prize: Nikhil Ghosh     
Spanish Prize: Kaitlyn Nigro
*Honorable Mention: Frances Bingham, Yasmin Geradeau, Zico Li
Spanish Prize (Advanced): Julie Doten

History Department
Freshman History Prize: Kaitlyn Nigro
*Honorable Mention: Maia Doerner       
Sophomore US History Prize: Abby Blyler                    
*Honorable Mention: Tae Hun Kim
Sophomore Honors US History Prize: Gregory Pentz
*Honorable Mention: Nick Alfano
China & East Asia Studies: Ryan Malley
*Honorable Mention: Amanda Mancuso               
European Studies: Philip Gialopsos
European Studies: Daniel Wiese                                      
Latin America Studies: Julie Doten
Latin America Studies: Haywood                              
Holy Cross Book Award-Excellence in History: Jack Frank                   
*Honorable Mention: Beanie O’Shea and Denny Smythe
Ralph F. Hansen Economics Prize: Joseph D’Amico

Music Department
Freshman Vocal Prize: Shannelle Watson
Sophomore Vocal Prize: Alex Mainolfi
Junior Vocal Prize: Jasmine Brooks
Jazz Instrumental Prize: Ben Intarapuvasak and Mark Shelanskas
Classical Instrumental Prize: Seung Ho Hyun
Scott Chambers Music Fellowship: Briana Matthews
Theater Prize: Jay Hutzler
Jazz TAs: Aya Maeda, Griffin Manos, Roger Siver

Art Department
Visual Art Prize: Julie Doten
*Honorable Mention: Ricky Ball, Prao Leeswadtrakul, Caroline Mellekas
Ceramics Prize: Kelly Taylor
Photography Prize: Micaela Martini

Schoolwide Prizes
Fichtenholz Award: Marisa Sittheeamorn
Barnes Service Award: Haley Leishman

Book Prizes
Williams Book Prize: Julie Doten
Harvard Book Prize: Denny Smythe
Yale Book Prize: Jillian Haywood
Smith Book Prize: Beanie O’Shea
Smith Book Prize: Caroline Vianney
Trinity Book Prize: Sam Feldman
Amherst Book Prize: Nicole Matysiak
Dartmouth Book Prize: Abby Blyler
Mount Holyoke Book Prize: Camila Rocha
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